10 Indian Dhabas for Your Hunger Pangs on Road Trips

BENGALURU: When out for a road trip in India, you cannot tend to miss the innumerable dhabas stationed along the highways. The dhabas offer wholesome food of versatile variety that is certain to win your heart.

Usually the dhabas are pocket friendly which makes them a heaven for every foodie. These dhabas are not mere halts from long drives but also a spot for refreshment. Irrespective of north or south India, almost every highway has dhabas that serve the travelers, truckers and drivers. In fact, now Indian metros have high class dhabas, where citizens can relish dhaba food without going to the highway.

Among the uncountable dhabas that the country accounts for, here are the top ten you got to try when out on a road trip in India, reports Indiatimes.

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