10 Best Asian Getaways To Go This Summer

BANGALORE: Robert Frost told that the less travelled is often the most interesting choice. Though we remain pretty known to the travel list, we find it difficult to decide when it comes to the world.

So this summer if you plan to step out o f your home country, you might wonder where to end up to have a mesmerizing and enthralling vacation. With Top10for, we list the best destinations in Asia, check them if you plan to stay in this continent:



The globally connected multi connected cosmopolitan island state is referred to as the Food City of the World for its famous crustacean delicacy. Amidst the urban set up of the modern city lives the Botanical Gardens, HortPark, MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which constitute a myriad flora and fauna and will also surely be a part of your experience list. Called as ‘The Global Paragon of Water Conservation’ by the Time magazine, in this squeaky clean you will sense your vertigo going high from 72nd floor of the tilted Southeast Asia's tallest hotel, New Asia Bar.

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