London: There is bad news for exclusive weekend drinkers - they could be harming themselves more than what daily drinker... more>>
Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 11:53 Hrs
London: Far from ensuring weight loss, a hearty breakfast could be a sure recipe for piling on the pounds, say researche... more>>
Monday, 17 January 2011, 07:54 Hrs
Hyderabad: The three-day meeting of State Health Ministers, which ended here today, suggested a host of measures to impr... more>>
Friday, 14 January 2011, 03:37 Hrs
Toronto: There is cheering news for Alzheimer's patients and people with Down's syndrome as Canadian researchers have id... more>>
Thursday, 13 January 2011, 07:33 Hrs
London: The next time you take out money from an automated teller machine (ATM), make sure you either wear gloves or was... more>>
Wednesday, 12 January 2011, 05:43 Hrs
New Delhi: Senior citizens and women can now book a trolley service in advance to ensure smooth boarding and alighting f... more>>
Wednesday, 12 January 2011, 04:42 Hrs
London: Penguin has released one of the first book apps designed for three month old babies to help enhance their hearin... more>>
Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 04:08 Hrs
New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC) today reached a consensus on the final framework of the draf... more>>
Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 03:44 Hrs
Kolkata: Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee Sunday said that the target of spending 2 percent of the GDP on healthcare wo... more>>
Monday, 10 January 2011, 10:16 Hrs
Auckland: Work environment, company culture and workplace morale are the most important factors for New Zealand officego... more>>
Friday, 07 January 2011, 09:36 Hrs
London: A shot that could help drug addicts break the vicious habit has been developed by the U.S. researchers. The t... more>>
Friday, 07 January 2011, 09:24 Hrs
London: Gorging on blobs of fat like butter and cheese might not be all that harmful, according to scientists. The la... more>>
Friday, 07 January 2011, 09:20 Hrs
Kathmandu: Nepal's campaign to bring one million tourists this year receives a boost this week with a Nepali private air... more>>
Friday, 07 January 2011, 09:14 Hrs
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