Women Feel Safe and Secured With These 10 Personal Safety Apps

VithU is Always Alert for You:

With VithU, you are utterly safe and secure. Its activation is as simple as switching your phone on. VithU is activated using the phone's power button and it sends the message “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location” to emergency contacts every two minutes with updated location.

Suspects Registry Registers your Moves:

Suspects Registry tracks your location all along your journey. You can notify your current location to the emergency contacts simply by hitting the panic alarm. The app instantly records the next 60 seconds of audio and sends it to the three close contacts in your phone. The “Record Any Incident” feature uploads images to the app's Facebook page.

Scream Alarm Does All the Screaming for You:

This is a simple and convenient Android app that just screams out loud in a woman’s voice soon as you push any button in your phone. So push the button and the app ‘screams’ for you.

bSafe Share Locations:

bSafe ends your worries without much of a hassle. In case of a threatening situation bSafe gives a fake call to you once it detects any vigorous movement. The app quickly shares your location with your contacts as per your preference.

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