Women Feel Safe and Secured With These 10 Personal Safety Apps

BENGALURU: Not very often do we find girls walking late in the night, unless they are in a big group or with a male friend. Thanks to the deteriorating safety for women in India, they cannot walk free in the so called ‘Free Country.’ Technology has done its part by contributing some applications that could help women feel safe and secured. Most of these are simple, quick and highly effective. Some of these apps are designed in such a way that they can be triggered by a mere loud scream or a vigorous shake.

IndiaTimes has listed 10 such safety apps for women. Let us further look into the technicality and functions of these apps:

SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection is a Friend in Need:

In case of crisis, quickly hit the emergency button that is facilitated by this app. This safety shield protection is a highly and efficient. The app allows you to take a picture soon after the person triggers an emergency alarm. The picture along with the location will go to a pre-decided list of emergency contacts. In case your phone is snatched away by the trouble makers, the app is customized to send a message within few seconds to the same list of contacts. The “Walk With Me” feature in the app will allow those on your list to track your movements in real time.

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