Will virtual reality drive deeper learning?

Will virtual reality drive deeper learning?

Virtual reality has an infinite number of potential areas of application. It's not only about games and entertainment, although no one argues that these two spheres push the entire VR industry forward, force enthusiasts to improve technology, software and hardware.

It is likely that VR will become the most innovative tool of the modern world.It is actively used in retail trade for creation of digital shops.But imagine that you maychoose the angle while watching the movie. There are a lot of such examples.

Virtual reality in education and training is also very popular. It allows to penetrate into places where educational process would beextremely dangerous or simply impossible.

Although there are concerns that the development of VR will slow down at some timedue to the need of significant resources and new technologies. However, hard work will lead to high profits.

Let’sdiscuss 5 revolutionary options for using virtual reality for schools, universities, offices, industrial enterprises, etc.

Practice in virtual reality

There is no such amount of theoretical knowledge that can guarantee the successful work without practical experience. In some areas, lack of practice is simply a crime against the profession.

Owing to VR, young surgeons can start the practice much earlier than they are allowed to work with the corpses, not to mention living patients.Even experienced surgeons should learn the procedure which they did not practice before. This will significantly reduce the risk of applying new approaches, encourage physicians to experiment more, try new methods and, as a result, save many lives.

Let's also mention pilots, operators of complex equipment, military. This list can be significantly expanded.Virtual reality is simply indispensable to all representatives of these professions. It may bring needed experience even before they get physical access to real planes, equipment, weapons.

Professionals in almost any field will be able to get the first physical experience or improve their skills. This will help to save huge funds on training and equipment, to prevent injuries and accidents. Students who have completed the VR courses will be better prepared for real work.

Open days in virtual reality

Future students, tourists, job seekers and any other categories of people who need to make a difficult choice of a university, resort, hotel, and employer company can use virtual reality. After all, you need to make a decision without the opportunity to test your choice in advance. What if you need to evaluate a dozen of places? Often it is almost impossible to cope with thistask due to the lack of time or material resources.

Selection of the future university, office or hotel through a virtual reality is the best solution if you have to attend a lesson, to communicate with teachers, to visit a campus, to inspect a room in a hotel, to enjoya view from a window, a restaurant and a beach, to understand how you will feel on the future workplace, to penetrateinto aworking atmosphere. For all this, you do not even have to leave your favorite couch or a chair in a travel company.

Development and design in virtual reality

More and more professions will use virtual reality. We already wrote about surgeons. Architects will be able to present future projects to customers without the need for investment and loss of time for creating mock-ups.

Possessing even an initial experience in VR development, an architect or interior designer will easily convert the projects to VR for presentation to customers. Then clients, colleagues or partners will be able to evaluate the project, test the design or check their personal feelings, as well as take part in the further development of projects or identify places where improvements are needed. The whole project can be changed taking into account the identification and elimination of mistakes, the satisfaction of requirements even before a foundation of a planned building is laid.

Many professions will find ways and reasons for incorporating virtual reality into their daily routine: 3D models and prototypes for designers and developers, creating and testing complex mechanisms, checking the machinery or replacing spare parts.

Remote learning in virtual reality

There is a serious reason due to which training still takes place in classrooms and not on monitor screens. The teacher should feel the whole audience and see the feedback, understand how students perceive the material that was transmitted to them. In a way, the students and the teacher are a single organism.

This relationship creates the strongest effect. The use of VR can open new educational possibilities without losing this connection. Virtual reality learning will help to improve the quality of studies and the degree of mastering the material. Opportunities for interaction with students will remain available.

Usual training in the classroom is not always available to students due to financial difficulties. This provoked the increase of popularity of less effective remote learning. Students from all over the world can improve their knowledge without moving to another city or country.

Remote learning through a VR can be a very beneficial and useful tool for the educational institutions themselves. Even the smallest class can accommodate thousands of students. Involving professors and researchers from different corners of the planetvia VR will greatly improve the quality of teaching. It will be possible to organize lectures on almost any topic in the shortest time.

Excursions in virtual reality

Excursions and study trips are incredibly popular among teachers and students. Visiting farms, virtual touches to the oldest relics, observation of the production processes - all this is not available if you sit in the classroom and write write an argumentative essay without a slightest understanding of realities of the chosen topic.

Very few people can get an invitation to visit the Moon or the ISS. Travel to hard-to-reach corners of the world for geological researches will require colossal resources and thorough planning.

For students considering such difficult places as a platform for career growth, it will be extremely useful to get there and see the features of work with their own eyes.

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