Why To Take Career Counselling?

Why To Take Career Counselling?

Career counselling has garnered a lot of attention from parents and students, more so than ever due to the lockdown during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While students wait to wind up their board exam results, it is imperative for them to have career-worries plague their mind most of the time. However, often this takes a heavy toll on one’s well being-irrespective of whether it is ICSE/ CBSE/ IB/ IGCSE/ SSC and other state boards. This is primarily because of several confusing factors which does not allow one to think clearly. These are the top 5 things to avoid while making a career decision:

  1. Lack of clarity in choosing a career path: Lack of clarity in terms of choosing a suitable career path leads to more confusion and can cost us precious time.
  2. Choosing subjects out of social pressure: After exam results, one should not succumb to peer pressure, parental pressure or media hype.
  3. Not focusing on strengths: Most of the students are unaware of their own competencies and end up making wrong choices when it comes to subject selection.
  4. Ignorance of career choices: Often, students today have a highly limited awareness of career options trending and thus take up fields without the knowledge of better and more suitable career trajectories.
  5. Not talking to an expert: One of the most important aspects of choosing the right career path is knowing which one to choose and it is also a commonly overlooked stage of career selection with a professional.

As career is a very serious decision, one cannot do a trial and error with it. Brainwonders- a leading career guidance organisation directed by Mr Manish Naidu has found that apart from unsatisfied career choices, career confusion often relates to anxiety, stress and depression in students. Hence, Career Counselling comes to the rescue of students and parents alike. Here are the top 5 reasons why Career Counselling is an absolute must for high school students:

  1. Choose the right career: Career is an irreversible decision having life-altering impact. Thus, it is important to identify the career that offers one both comfort as well as growth and allows one to progress in the chosen field. A session with the best career counsellor does just that.
  2. Subject selection: 10th board exams bring with them the exam results. What follows the results is not only the diploma, but an important choice with respect to the stream and optional courses after 10th. Whether it is an option of science/commerce/ arts or physical education v/s design- a career counselling will help in making a favourable decision.
  3. SWOT Analysis: Knowing one’s strengths helps in one to take decisions showcasing their assets and thus, one gains from the same. At the same time-one cannot let their weaknesses hold one back to get ahead. You can take an up a career test like DMIT test or aptitude test to know your profile.
  4. Career Planning: Career demands a lot of energy, time and resources to be invested before it knocks on your door. Thus, career counselling helps the parents and their child work synchronously to judiciously utilise the limited time and direct their efforts constructively.
  5. Courses after 12th: Even after 12th, there are certain graduate and professional courses one needs to opt for. These are usually supplemented with internships and additional certificates. Thus, in order to effectively prepare for it- being aware of these are extremely important.

How To Take Career Counselling?

One can easily avail this online or offline . Just follow these steps:

  1. Take a career test: Brainwonders, founded and headed by Mr Manish Naidu; have an online career-aptitude test.
  2. Know your top suited careers: The report will show the 10 careers that are suited for your strengths profile out of 720 careers available. Identify the course and colleges to reach your targets. See a sample report here.
  3. Career Planning session with an expert: A career guidance session with an expert involving your parents will take you through the careers, courses and colleges to lead ahead.

Career counselling is a once in a lifetime decision which helps you gain an edge for all your future decisions. Connect now on 9987766531/2/5 and kickstart an amazing and satisfying career journey!