Why Social Media Listening is an Important Approach for Business Organizations

Why Social Media Listening is an Important Approach for Business Organizations

Social media marketing is currently an old game in marketing. It is all about social media listening. Brands are now listening to what customers are saying about their products on social platforms and the web as well. Social listening is also targeting what customers are saying about brand competitors. It is allowing companies to exploit the weaknesses of a competitor brand as shown online.

If you are a marketer wondering how social media listening can help your business, here are some of the benefits you can get by incorporating it in your business.

1. Follow-up on Sales Leads

Social listening is an important strategy in increasing the sales of the business. Customers will always mention they want to buy a particular product in various online platforms. If you have social listening tools that can detect the post, you can easily follow up on the customer and communicate with them about your products or services. Listening to the mentioning of the related products or services is a strategic way of increasing sales.

2. Addressing Customer Complaints

No customers will come to your business and complain about the products or services rendered. Most of them will vex their anger and frustration on the web or social platforms. With professional social media listening tools, your brand will detect immediate negative mentions or customer complaints and address them before everything spirals out of control. If you respond immediately and with empathy, you're likely to keep such customers.

3. Managing Public Relations Crisis

Public relations crisis will always face various brands in the industry. The speed at which the company addresses such problems makes all the difference. It is worth noting that most of the public relations crisis is taking place in various online platforms. Social media listening gives a company a hint of what is wrong and how it can be addressed immediately. Without social listening, companies will get information about their public relations crisis through news outlets when the damage has already been done.

4. Newsjacking

Breaking news has the potential to have great social media impact not only in a single country but also in the world at large. Embedding marketing messages of a brand in breaking news trend can make a difference in the company's market position. Listening to what customers are saying and connecting it to the company's products and services has a huge potential in making a difference in the life a company.

5. Competitive Intelligence

Company's development and marketing strategies are usually close-guarded in modern business world. It is difficult to gain insight into the operations of a company by merely checking its website. However, listening to what customers are saying about competitor's products and services can provide an opportunity for a company to strike. Using the weaknesses of your competitor as your strength is akin to business success in the modern business marketing.

6. Gauging Brand Health

The health of a company and its products is solely based on what customers feel. With the current development of social media platforms, most of the customers will likely give opinions about a company and its products through online web or socials. Social media listening will help in determining whether the opinions of the customers are positive or negative. Social listening will, therefore, provide the first problems that need to be fixed by any business intending to succeed.

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Source: IANS