Why is the TikTok social network so popular

Why is the TikTok social network so popular

The TikTok social network is widely popular among young people, and other age categories are actively beginning to use it. The large size of the audience made advertisers and celebrities pay attention to the social network. So the app proved that it is not only an entertainment product for teenagers, where they make faces at the camera. Let's look at all the features of the social network.


  1. How to use TikTok
  2. Registration
  3. Viewing the feed and searching for content
  4. Creating and publishing content
  5. Shooting video
  6. Publish a video from the gallery
  7. Collaboration
  8. Conclusion

How to use TikTok

The functionality of the social network has many similarities with other popular platforms. If a person used Snapchat or Instagram, they will have no problems using TikTok. At the same time, the local functionality has its own peculiarities. To fully use all the features of the social network, you need to understand its features and nuances.


Some of the app's features are available without registration. Unregistered users can scroll through the feed where the most popular videos will be displayed. But only after registration will the most important functions be available:

  • follow to interesting accounts;
  • setting preferences (so that the feed matches your interests);
  • publishing your own content.

There are several ways to register. First, you can do this using your mobile phone number or email address. Secondly, you can use existing accounts in other social networks (for example, Vkontakte, Twitter, or Instagram) by clicking on the corresponding icon in the menu with registration. Any of these actions will take no more than a minute.

Viewing the feed and searching for content

At the bottom of the app, there are tabs that you can use to navigate. The main role in a social network is played by a feed that shows content. You can switch between users that you follow to and recommendations. On the right are icons that are used to interact with content:

  • sign up for a subscription;
  • like;
  • writing a comment;
  • repost to other social networks;
  • additional function.

You can also see hashtags and the track used when recording a video in this section. For the social network TikTok cheating is important, it ensures that content is shown to more users. If a lot of people have watched the video, it means that it is of interest and will be included in the recommendations. Buy TikTok views will help you make sure that your content is recommended to other users more often. To increase the popularity of the account, you also need to know how to get followers on TikTok.

Management in the feed is carried out by means of swipe. By swiping the screen up or down, you switch the videos in the feed. By swiping to the right, you open the profile of the author of the video you are viewing. Here you can access its other content. By clicking on three points, you can perform the following actions:

  • activate notifications when new videos appear;
  • share a link to your profile;
  • write a message to the author;
  • write a complaint about your profile;
  • block the author.

The Search tab helps you find the right authors, music, videos, and content by a specific hashtag. Here you can immediately see the tags that are currently most popular.

A convenient function is the QR code scanner. You can create your own code that allows users to quickly follow.

Creating and publishing content

Content creation becomes the main function of the social network. This is the main secret of its popularity. In a short time, you can create a variety of videos, each of which will have originality.

Shooting video

You can start creating content by clicking on the central button on the control panel. Here you can shoot a new video or publish a ready-made one from the gallery on your phone. These two options differ in the set of functions that are available during editing.

You can use the following features during shooting:

  • switch between front and front cameras;
  • setting the video playback speed;
  • using filters and effects;
  • using the "hands-Free" function»;
  • switch between long videos and 15-second videos.

A huge number of filters, masks and stickers is no less than such famous competitors as Snapchat and Instagram Stories. You can add your favorite items to your favorites. You can view filters, masks, and stickers by popularity and category.

The most popular commercials TikTok brought the addition of music to the videos. To do this, there is a special button at the top of the screen. The app offers a large selection of various music, which is conveniently sorted by category. The social network generates personalized lists based on the user's preferences. The author can select any fragment to use for creating the video.

Publish a video from the gallery

When publishing a video from the gallery, the social network TikTok allows you to rotate the video, cut out unnecessary moments, and change the playback speed. All actions are performed in a couple of clicks.

On the next screen, the user can add filters, special effects, and stickers, and most importantly, music. By adding a description, a frame for the cover, hashtags, and other necessary actions, you can make the video available in the feed.


There are two options available in the TikTok network for sharing content. The first of them is the recording of a duet. The video clip of one user on one half of the screen is taken as the basis, the audio remains from it, and the second user records the video for the second half of the screen. Such associations get almost more likes than the usual standard videos.

The second option is to record the reaction. In this case, the user's video becomes overlaid as a small window on the original video. This is how you can express your likes or dislikes to the author.


The TikTok social network has taken entertainment content to a new level. Its popularity has proved that the format of short videos is interesting for a large number of users. It is ideal for dancing to a favorite tune, exchanging opinions, and many other things.