Why a Home Inspection is must before buying homes in Delhi

Why a Home Inspection is must before buying homes in Delhi

After 30 years of hard work as a Manager in the Textile Industry, I finally decided to quit my job with the lump sum of PF to take home as my savings. Buying my family dream home in New Delhi is the top priority as I love the capital city for its patriotism and beauty and its Magnificent History, Awe-inspiring Monuments, and The magic of Intracity rails, significant markets, Street shopping, Delicious food, and Cultural Hub.

Besides savings, with the help of a house loan, we planned to buy an affordable medium-size home equipped with good amenities and infrastructure in one of Delhi's prime areas. Though it's challenging, the developers and the builders offer competitive pricing and better deals to fit our budgets and requirements. Before finalizing our contracts with builders, one of my friends referred to a professional home inspection team in Delhi for the property's final contingency check. As a handyman, I have already gone through my preliminary Inspection, but I realized that it's an entirely different scenario when the home inspection team inspects the home in detail. Let's see how the home inspection is worth the time and money we spend on it in the long - run.

A home inspection is the visual evaluation of a home from the roof to the basement conducted by a qualified home inspection company. It can be done on a newly built/renovated/used home. In the process of closing the home sale, the buyer hires the home inspector for a visual observation that identifies the health, safety, or major mechanical issues. It takes nearly 2-3 hours for a careful lookout of both the Exterior and the Interior of the home during the home inspection. The cost of Home Inspection varies greatly depending upon the size, location, age, and special home structures. Usually its between 270$ - 480$. However, advanced home inspection using technologies like Thermal Imaging, Moisture meter Inspections, Four-point Inspections, wind mitigation, Energy-saving Inspections may cost more.

Steps to hire a home inspector are,

  1. Identify Qualified, trusted, and experienced firms.
  2. Interview them by asking your questions regarding what is covered and what not during the home inspection.
  3. Seek a diligent home inspector who can incorporate Infrared devices to assess inner walls and Internal plumbing problems.
  4. Ask for the price charged for the home inspection in Delhi.
  5. Always prefer the home inspection report in a written format with photographic evidence.
  6. One of the main things to be questioned is if they provide only the report or help rectify the problem mentioned in it.

Why Home Inspection is a must before buying homes?

  1. It alerts buyers to invest in the right property before finalizing the contract.
  2. It saves time and money for the home buyers to take prior actions.
  3. It uncovers the potential safety issues like Radon gas, mold, or carbon monoxide hazards.
  4. It indicates the red flag for the structural problems like cracked foundation or the damaged load-bearing walls.
  5. It is one of the negotiating tools is requesting the seller for a price reduction of home or repair work.
  6. The home buyer can back-out from sale if he is not satisfied with the home inspection reports.
  7. The home inspection reveals the un-permitted installation of appliances or construction of rooms, which affects the insurance, taxes, usability, and overall home value.
  8. Protection of home from critical issues when buying a foreclosed property or as-is short home sale.
  9. Home Inspection reveals the installation age of many systems like plumbing network, heating, cooling, water heating, etc., thereby predicting future maintenance costs.
  10. The home Inspection report not only supports the buyers but the sellers, too, by pricing the home more accurately, fixing the issues before the sale, and enhancing the home value.
  11. One of the main reasons to conduct a home survey is to detect the problems that cause wall dampness, seepage, and ceiling leakage in the future. If detected early can be treated professionally by hiring professional waterproofing contractors in Delhi.

What to expect during the Home Inspection?

A Qualified home inspection company generally covers the Foundation, Pre-drywall, and the Full walk-through Inspection of a newly built home. They note down each problem for a safety issue, major defect, minor defect, needs replacement, repaired or serviced, and items of routine maintenance. Some of the specific things included in the Home Inspection checklist are,

  1. The general condition of roof shingles, ceiling to cabinets under the sink, walls, windows, and doors.
  2. Basement and carport foundation.
  3. Operations of fire and carbon monoxide alarms.
  4. Visible leaks in faucets, showers, and checking water pressure, Which may cause water leakage in the future.
  5. Lookout for electric shocks, electrical burns, electrical outlets, and any possibility of fire hazard.
  6. Checking the HVAC system for proper functioning, maintenance, and repair.
  7. Exterior walls for cracks.
  8. Proper functioning of kitchen appliances.
  9. Proper grading and ventilation.
  10. Proper insulation and alignment of doors and windows.

What is expected After the Inspection?

If the home inspection report details the minor/major repair work, you can ask the seller to fix it. If the seller neglects to fix or the repair is too expensive to fix, the buyer can walk away from the sales contract. If the home you are going to buy is Bank-owned or sold as-is, the buyer has to analyze the importance and the affordability of the report details and the cost estimated for repair and maintenance.

After my home undergoes the Inspection, we got a professional assessment report that helps negotiate with the builder for a better deal. Finally, we bought our dream home with peace and confidence by hiring the home inspector who justified its worth by ensuring the safety of my life and the property.