What Is Workers Compensation And Why Should You Have It?

What Is Workers Compensation And Why Should You Have It?

For those who don’t know, workers compensation is basically an insurance program that is mandated by the state. In this program, certain benefits are given to employees who suffer from illness or injuries that are job-related. There are different programs and laws for workers compensation in each state. This isn’t only good for the employees. It keeps the employers safe as no employee will be able to sue an employer if he gets injured while performing his job.

Pain, negligence claims, and suffering isn’t compensated in this program; workers comp medical benefits are given to an employee if he is injured or falls ill on the job.

If you are running a large business and the brand is huge then you should buy worker's compensation insurance. For starters you should know that:

Employees can Sue an Employer for Workplace Injuries

As said earlier, as an employer, you can be sued if your employee gets injured on the job and he has no workers compensation insurance. The chances and conditions on which an employee can sue you are quite strict, but still, you should operate on the safe side being that a lawsuit is the last thing on Earth that an employer wants against him. This is the most important reason you should buy workers compensation insurance.

Employers cannot be Fired if They Claim Workers Compensation Insurance

Yes, you read that right, according to federal and state law, you cannot fire an employee if he makes a claim on his workers compensation insurance. This will be against the law if you do so, and legal action can be taken against you too. This is another major reason why you should act as the law says and provide workers compensation to your employees once they start working for you.

Workers Compensation Fraud can Lead to Serious Penalties

Don’t even think about committing fraud when it comes to workers compensation. If you do so, you will be fined heavily and serious action will be taken against you by the law. Two common examples of fraud are:

* Classifying employees as non-employees
* Not reporting the correct number of employees you have in your company.

As a business owner, you have no other way out except to give your employees the workers compensation that is their right by state and federal law. So, instead of looking for alternatives and protecting yourself from workers compensation, take this step so that your business will never get into trouble in the future. Not only this, but if something happens to an employee, workers comp will cover all the loss and the injury of your employee and handle all aspects of it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this compensation is more their right as they are working for you and if they are injured while serving you, it becomes your duty to cover the expenses of the treatment and provide them with all the facilities that they need during their recovery.

If you have been avoiding purchasing workers compensation stop immediately and start giving them compensation. It’s their right!

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