What Impact Autonomous Vehicles Can Bring to Indian Market?

What Impact Autonomous Vehicles Can Bring to Indian Market?

The world is moving towards a technology-controlled place and autonomous vehicles (AVs) or self-driving cars have stepped up as several automotive players, and tech giants. Countries like Germany, UK, Japan, China, and the US have already begun the test trials and the Indian automotive sector is still ages behind regarding the development.

Being one of the largest automotive industries in the world, the Indian automotive industry is slowly picking up the pace in the development of the AVs. Globally, technology firms, large automotive companies, and fleet service providers such as Daimler, Uber, Tesla, General Motors, Audi, Ford, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Waymo, Mercedes-Benz and more are pouring in huge capital on manufacturing AVs.

India still ranks first in road deaths in the world and accounts for 10 percent of the global road accidents with over 1.46 lakh fatalities annually. Companies have already working on the collection of data and behavior of the system followed, covering the cases such as red-light jumping, vehicles rarely stop before Zebra Crossing, Unmanned railways crossings, unavailability of traffic signals, scarcity of signages, different road rules, unplanned construction or repair and more. According to KPMG, India ranked 24 this year on the countries’ level preparedness for AVs.

Stopping automation can be suicidal for obtaining success. Companies still use artificial intelligence (AI) software bots and AI-powered robots to manage the global competitive edge. AVs provide new mobility options to millions and foreseeing this, several Indian start-ups are working on developing AV products for trucks, minibuses, and cars with a focus on exporting to other countries.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), automated vehicles can save lives and reduce injuries, as 94 percent of the serious crashes are due to human error. There is no doubt that the tech will become more widespread as it becomes safer and more accessible. The automation world can bring a huge impact, not only in the transportation of passengers, but also on distribution channels due to the potential for autonomous trucks, ships, and more. This upcoming decade is pumped up to witness the changes which can take the world to a whole new level.