What are the advantages of the Binomo platform for Indian traders?

What are the advantages of the Binomo platform for Indian traders?
During these glorious days of online trading and its rapid growth all around the world, the number of platforms is reaching a new peak constantly. Of course, this growth of the field comes with a question: How to find the trustable one? Finding the most suitable one for yourself as the platform you use may be tough. However, the Binomo online trading platform is here to solve this little problem with all of its advantages and opportunities through its secure service. Here is a Binomo in India review, and it leads the users to solutions about these considerations. 
What is Binomo in India?
With its many advantages, Binomo is great for invest and trade. Formed by Dolphin Corp back in 2014; and since then, the users are able to get extra income online through opportunities on the exchange price of assets through a user-friendly service that can be experienced both on the Binomo app or website with 13 languages variants, including Hindi of course.
Tutorial how to use binomo.com
As already mentioned, a modern and user-friendly interface is an environment for high-quality service of both the app and the website binomo.com, where trading and investing is very convenient. After setting up an account, which will be explained below in the overview, you can log into it using a PC, tablet or mobile phone (if you downloaded the Binomo trading app).
If you consider yourself as a starter for trading, the platform offers a service that is filled with educational and not boring ways to learn how to use Binomo. On the website, there is a section named ”Strategies” as suitable for beginners and also experienced traders, while trading on any asset, they will be justly useful. Also, a Binomo demo account is great to practice on real charts, and it will also be mentioned. 
But please be aware of that: If you are thinking that you are going to learn how to play Binomo through these passages, it would be wrong. Binomo is a trading platform, not a game. Analytical data and knowledge to trade on it is a must.
Sign In and Login
The process of Binomo registration is also a practical one; like any other website or app you might have registered before. 
Go into the platform, you will see a yellow “Sign In” button. 
Click it and use a Google account for login
Second way - use your email that belongs to you to register. 
Set a secure password after this step, and set the currency you prefer to use (you cannot change it later). 
After that, read and accept the Client Agreement, which will be your final step.
You now have a new Binomo account to log in anytime, anywhere!
Account Types
Among 4 different types of accounts that are offered by Binomo to its users to choose between, according to their preferences. 
The first one of them is a Binomo demo account. Aiming to provide education as we mentioned earlier in this review, it is a really suitable choice for the starters. A demo account is funded with a virtual $1000, and through the usage of this fund, the starters will be able to see how the platform works, from the first experience. 
Other 3 of these account types include Standard, Gold, and VIP accounts. The assets that the users are able to depend on the account type, ranging between 40+ to 60+. Deposits also are changing, and each one of them comes with different advantages and opportunities. So, the minimum deposit to start trading on Binomo is $5.
All the detailed information about these can be found on the Binomo website and the Help Center of it.
Deposit and Withdraw funds
Once you decide to trade on the Binomo platform, the deposits and withdrawals that you received with correct forecasts are possible in several ways. Use any e-wallets or bank cards available in India (such as NetBanking, PayTm, Indian exchanger, UPI, etc). For security purposes, you need to use the same payment methods for both transactions.
The withdrawal time depends on your account and the payment system used. This can be from a few minutes to 3 days or more.
Where to download the Binomo app?
Another advantage of Binomo is the ability to download the trading app. And it looks like any download you've done so far.
Users using iOS devices need to download it through the App Store. For those who use Android devices; Google Play Store is where you can download the Binomo app. In case of any problems with downloading, Android users can install Binomo Apk from the link: https://binomo.com/en/promo/android
Is Binomo safe and legal in India?
To answer that inevitable question that comes for any kind of online trading platform, Binomo gives a few solid proofs about how they run safely and securely in India. The platform was certified by The International Financial Commission. Besides this, also a VMT(Verify My Trade) certificate was given to Binomo about its credibility. VMT checks 5000 trades on Binomo every month. 
Not only the certificates, but there are also awards that Binomo has won to stand as a reliable platform. In 2015, FE Award, and in 2016, IAIR Award, which was stated as “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy”.
So, answering the questions whether Binomo can be trusted, is it real or fake, we can confidently say that it is safe to trade here. Binomo is not a fraud, and this is proved by many years of work in more than 130 countries around the world.
Not only awards and certificates, but also the opinions of users on YouTube about Binomo speak about the safety of the platform.
abcdxyz: “Binomo has great customer support to help if we are stuck at any point in trading. One can get in touch with them if you feel the need”.
Harshika Srivastava: “Binomo is one of the best ways to earn extra income online in India. Trade on this platform and have it”.
Digitally Next: “Binomo is a leading platform to trade online and it's a platform where you can earn extra income if your forecast is correct”.
Pransu Harshotpal: “Best platform for me. It gives me so many options to trade”.
Saloni Bhardwaj: “Good app for trading purposes and they really help you to grow. No fraud, no scam try this if you really want to grow”.
So, to sum it all up, Binomo provides some pretty obvious reasons to trust it as a reliable platform with all its benefits, features, and secure service. But it is always important to be aware of the risks associated with trading, such as losing a deposit. However, for traders who accept these risks, who want to grow, learn and get additional income on Binomo, the platform is a suitable and safe choice.