Vuram Launches Automation Testing Tool To Accelerate Appian Application Testing Without Complex Code

Vuram Launches Automation Testing Tool To Accelerate Appian Application Testing Without Complex Code

Vuram, one of India’s leading Hyperautomation services companies, launched VATT – Vuram Automation Testing Tool. This latest offering ‘Vuram Automation Testing Tool’ built using an intelligent hybrid framework is designed to achieve 100% automation and perform end-to-end functional testing for Appian applications. VATT will help enterprises to quickly create and run tests without writing several lines of code, saving time, minimizing redundant manual work, and simplifying automation testing.

In a rapidly-evolving business landscape, rolling out applications and new software releases demands reliable and high-performing Quality Engineering and Assurance to eliminate errors and ensure superior quality. Relying on outdated methods, or inefficient quality processes can lead to unwarranted delays across the development cycle and poor outcomes. Test automation is one of the most efficient ways to optimize the Software Development Life Cycle, however, most automation testing tools demand extensive coding and have a steep learning curve With the launch of VATT, Vuram strives to bridge the gaps in the Quality Testing phase of software development and ensure the speed, accuracy and agility that is needed to meet the robust development needs of enterprises.

VATT comes with a maximum range of predefined functions and reusable scenarios that replaces complex code with a single line of code allowing users to create and run tests easily. It also maintains test data dynamically in an excel, allowing tests to be run with different data sets without changing the script. Additionally, the tool also ensures maximum security levels as per various user roles, has visually-rich reporting capabilities to assess test results as well as automatic emailing of test results post-execution to ensure that users don’t need to set reminders to check completion. The tool will be made available in both free and premium versions and provides access to a range of features and functionalities.

Vuram constantly seeks to innovate and empower enterprises with its cutting-edge solutions. Vuram’s Quality Engineering and Assurance division aims to empower enterprises by modernizing testing, eliminating bottlenecks caused by prevailing QE strategies, and accelerating digital transformation. VATT is a high-performing, cost-effective solution that makes automation testing easy, accelerates go-live, and ensures accuracy in testing Appian applications without needing extensive technical skills, thus enabling businesses to streamline their Software Development Life Cycle.

Source: Press Release