Vivifi India aims to expand credit reach with FlexPay

Vivifi India aims to expand credit reach with FlexPay

Vivifi India Finance expects to deepen its credit reach with the recently launched FlexPay and aims to bring credit access to those provided credit by banks and other large finance institutions.

Anil Pinapala, Founder and CEO of Vivifi said that the credit under FlexPay would start with sachet sized loans and would grow based on their repayments. The company plans to get on board 1 lakh customers immediately and grow to serve about 50 lakhs in the next three years.

FlexPay provides payment option that offers credit on UPI.

"FlexPay will help us to truly offer micro loans to the neediest, starting with as little as Rs 500. This product at its scale will service all Indians irrespective of their location, livelihood, language or even literacy," he said.

The CEO further said that borrowers from across the country can apply and receive loans under FlexPay.

Transactions would take place with any QR code, he noted. However, the company will shortly launch a merchant app that will help merchants manage payments and also assist on-board customers for an additional source of revenue

Founded in 2017 by Pinapala (Founder & CEO) and Srinath Kompella (Co-Founder & COO), the Hyderabad-based company aims to achieve financial inclusion by making credit available for all deserving Indians without any bias, transcending the limits of location, literacy, monthly income and credit history.

Source: IANS