Vishal Prajapati's Butterfly Effect on the Indian Fashion Scene

Vishal Prajapati's Butterfly Effect on the Indian Fashion Scene

The world of fashion has undergone a sea change over the last decade. The advent and popularity of social media democratized the presentation of fashion to a mass audience, while the loosening of gender roles and ideals made  the world accessible to more unique clothing styles, draped over bodies defined with a wider definition of beauty.

India has witnessed its fair share of fashion influencers rising from the grassroots, with their unique androgynous styles that relate to the changing ideas of presentation, apparel, and sexuality.

Vishal Prajapati, a young influencer from Surat, is part of this new cohort of fashion personalities responsible for the rapidly evolving landscape of the sector.

A lean young man with an unassuming appearance, Vishal began posting his photo shoots to Facebook from around 2015. A time before the term 'social media influencer' had been coined, Vishal's motive was to reach a wider audience and receive feedback from them about the work he was doing. It was to his immense surprise that he realized his work was extremely popular.

With the passage of time, Vishal moved to Instagram. The image based social network felt more appropriate for the promotion of his work, and he soon amassed over a 100k followers under his handle @vishalprajapati_23. His casual yet classy style caught the fancy of his young followers and before long he was crowned a successful fashion influencer.

The tag sits easy on the 25 year old's shoulders, whose follower count has now crossed 771k. To him, being a social media influencer is a lifestyle through which he has the ability to affect the world in positive ways. His aim is to 'motivate and move' his audience, and 'give them a dose of inspiration' through his work.

He has already leveraged his online fame to set up a line of clothing called 'Label by VP', which curates a swanky and stylish array of unisex clothing. His website hosts multiple testimonials from reputable sources praising the quality and style of his clothing line.

All in all, the future seems bright and sure for Vishal, who, despite his quick and enviable success, remains humble and grounded. To him 'life isn't a race but a marathon', and over the next few years he plans to expand his clothing label and create a benchmark of consistency with the quality and affordability it provides.