UNISOC Launches UNISOC T760 Chipset in India, Pioneering 5G Accessibility

UNISOC Launches UNISOC T760 Chipset in India, Pioneering 5G Accessibility
UNISOC, a leading semiconductor design company, unveiled its newest chipset, UNISOC T760, for democratizing access to 5G technology in India, thus collaborating with major OEM players to push this chipset into the market as early as possible.
The UNISOC T760 is designed to bring leading performance, over 510,000 points on Antutu V10 benchmarks. It thrashes out high-definition gaming, heavy multitasking, quality photography, and video recording, hence giving users a full range of brilliant experiences in every application category.
Built on advanced 6nm EUV process technology, this chipset supports Hard Decode/4K@30fps encoding and decoding, and correspondingly is compatible with FHD+ resolution displays and 120Hz refresh rates. This set of features can greatly improve gaming experiences to ensure immersive entertainment.
Aside from that, UNISOC has integrated an innovative AI development platform that can rapidly and effectively realize enhancement for various applications to achieve a smarter user experience into the T760 chipset. The other technologies and architecture integrated into this chipset include AI intelligent adjustment technology and multi-mode integrated architecture, which lower the power consumption by up to 37 percent in 5G data use and by 18 percent in standby scenarios.
By introducing the T760, UNISOC is embracing easy and convenient technological access in India. The move also has UNISOC looking at becoming a prime driver for India on its way to establishing its semiconductor market. With such a step, the company envisions meeting the increasing demand for high-performance and low-power 5G solutions from both consumers and business segments.