Top 5 Robot-themed animes of your childhood

Top 5 Robot-themed animes of your childhood

Growing up, we all watched a lot of t.v. shows. As a child, most people often loved watching cartoons and anime. Most of these animes were fun to watch and had themes that were a bit mature for some children. Due to the issues in most of these shows, adults often spent time watching with their sons and daughters. They too were drawn in by serious subjects that could only be seen in such anime.

One particular theme is the never-ending battle between good and evil by way of colossal fighting mechas or robots. It’s everyone’s favorite scene: The big monster rampages across the city and destroys almost everything. In a few moments, the hero or heroes arrive in their gigantic robots ready to defend what’s left. Most of these fights were predictable, but they were fun nonetheless.

These shows were so good, that even if you didn’t like the big hulking machines that are in it, you’d undoubtedly be drawn into the lives of the protagonists. Some animes also have anti- heroes, stories of redemption, retribution, and family. These were among the best shows that made up a lot of people’s childhood afternoons. Let’s take a trip back to the past and see some of these iconic, robot-themed animes:

Voltes V

One of the most popular animes in Asia, Voltes V captivated the hearts of a lot of people, young and old. The anime focuses on a group of friends who drive vehicles which “volt in” and form the mecha Voltes V. Voltes V and the team defend the Earth from a race of invading aliens known as Boazanians. The series was known for its themes of humanity, rebellion, and revolution.

The show was so good; it made a lasting cultural impact in the Philippines. In 1979, the president of the country banned the anime and other shows for being too violent. Rumor has it that it was the themes anime that lead to its cancellation. The show eventually returned after the president was ousted and made a successful comeback. Voltes V is a significant pop culture icon in the Philippines.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Voltron is another anime that has a strong fanbase. The 1st and most famous version of Voltron is the Lion Force Voltron. The 2nd was the Vehicle Team Voltron. Although the franchise never did good in its home country Japan, Lion Force Voltron made waves in the western market.

The demand was so high, that extra episodes were made for English audiences, even if the original GoLion(Voltron) anime got canceled in Japan. Netflix has a show that reboots the story of Lion Force Voltron for newer generations to enjoy.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Most mecha-themed anime revolve around a simple formula of big protagonist robot vs. big antagonist robot = victory for the protagonist. However, Mobile Suit Gundam explores more mature themes and stories that revolve around the complications of war.

Italy was the first country to air Mobile Suit Gundam outside Japan and was immediately a big hit in the 1980s. Due to its vast and expanding universe, the Mobile Suit Gundam spawned noteworthy versions such as Gundam Seed and Iron-Blooded Orphans. One particular version, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing was a breakout hit in the 1990s for its portrayal of war, politics, and human nature.

Mighty Atom

If this name doesn’t ring a bell, then that’s because Mighty Atom was Astro Boy’s original name in Japan. The series happens in a world where humans and Robots coexist. The show in the 1980s was popular in Canada, Australia, and other Asian countries. Astro Boy’s themes were more focused on ethics and race issues, on how man and machine should work together for a better future.

Astro Boy is well received because the titular character is very likable, akin to a small innocent boy. Astro Boy’s adventures involve him fighting humans who have a deep hatred for robots, robots who went haywire, and even evil aliens. There’s also an episode where Astro Boy goes to Vietnam and stop bombs from falling on a village full of innocent Vietnamese civilians.


One of the best mecha animes out there, Macross has a vast and healthy universe that has a lot of fans fighting over which one is the best. The show made its way to television screens in 1982. One of the most recognizable mecha in the anime is the VF1-Valkyrie which sort of looks like an F-15 fighter.

It has three modes: The fighter mode which is the plane itself; GERWALK mode or Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint which looks like the AT-ST walker from the Star Wars movies; and the Battroid Mode which is a fully transformed mecha. The series is for more mature audiences as love triangles, rivalries, and interspace battles are frequent themes in the series.


Cartoons and Animes were a part of almost everyone’s childhood. Watching cool stuff such as Voltes V, Voltron, and Astro Boy were the things that made every kid happy during the school break.

Every series had themes that were both catered to both young and mature audiences. Although a lot of these shows focused on a formulaic approach of telling a story, these animes never failed to captivate audiences.

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