Top 4 Favorite Teams To Win T20 World Cup

Top 4 Favorite Teams To Win T20 World Cup

In 2020, the t20 World Cup was supposed to be held in Australia. But, amidst this ongoing pandemic that has engulfed the whole world since last year, the matches were deferred. Now the t20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in India during October and November 2021, and it is time for predictions to begin. So, let us delve deep. 

We will look at 4 favorite teams that are most likely to win the trophy of the t20 World Cup.

Many believe that India, West Indies, England, and Australia are the four favorite teams to make it to the trophy. However, a little analysis does not harm. 

  1. England - According to Vaghaun’s tweet, he believes that England has a fair chance of lifting the trophy this time. Perhaps, England will compete with India in the finals to finally defeat the latter. English players have come a long way and honed their skills as far as the t20 format is considered. The IPL franchises have frequently bought players like Jos Butler, Eoin Morgan, and Ben Stokes. They understand the Indian conditions very well, and unlike last time, this time, it is expected to be very different for England. England has been able to win 24 matches since the 2016 t20 World Cup. The team has a calm captain with a wide range of players who can be used in different combinations. The team is certainly a strong one!
  1. India - It is needless to mention that the Indian team has been performing exceptionally well. Out of 31 matches in the Indian conditions, the team has been able to win 20 matches which is quite an accomplishment, for sure! The team is consistent, and obviously, they have a better chance of earning the trophy because the Twenty20 World Cup 2021 will be held on Indian soil this time. The news of India, all geared up to play the extra two T20I series before the commencement of the World Cup, is circulating in different circles. It will prepare them well for the actual game. 
  1. West Indies – West Indies players are slowly and steadily preparing themselves. The team has recently been triumphant against Sri Lanka in a T20I series, played on their soil. We cannot ignore the power hitters such as Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Keiron Pollard, Nicholas Pooran, and more. However, they must handle their bowling front a bit more strategically. But given the all-over structure of the team, it can be said that they are a strong contender this time. 
  1. Australia – The Australian cricket team has earned the second position in the T20 world rankings because they have a winning record of 55.17%. The strong batting and bowling line-up have earned an extra edge for the team. Moreover, they have a pretty good understanding of the Indian conditions plus, they can handle pressure. There is a chance they will be the winners this time but, it is best to wait and watch. 

Which team do you think will be hot favorite to win 2021 T20Cricket World Cup in India?