Tips for Having a More Restful Sleep When Suffering with Back Pain

Tips for Having a More Restful Sleep When Suffering with Back Pain

Back pain. It's something that millions of people suffer from each and every day. In fact, according to the Chiropractic Association, approximately 31 million Americans and 11 million Canadians are suffering from lower back pain on a regular basis. This can vary in severity from relatively mild and manageable, to severe back pain that can impede your everyday life. Finding a way to address and cope with your back pain will help you to live a more comfortable life and is probably high on the priority list.

So, what happens if your back pain is interfering with your ability to get a good night’s sleep? This can become a vicious cycle as you need sleep in order to feel refreshed, energised, and focused, but your back pain could keep you up all hours of the night, tossing and turning. So, let’s take a look at some basic tips you can use to better your sleep and address mild back pain.

Ensure You’re Using the Right Kind of Mattress

First things first, take a look at your mattress. A supportive and comfortable mattress is important for everyone, but for those with back pain, it is absolutely essential. You want to look for one that encourages proper alignment of the spine, doesn’t create pressure points, and that distributes your body heat so you don’t get too hot.

For many people with back pain, memory foam tends to be a good option. It retains its shape very well, is known for providing excellent support, and is also comfortable for those without pain.

While purchasing a new mattress, be sure to also consider what pillow you’re using. Again, support and proper alignment should be the key factors. Neck and shoulder pain will just contribute to the overall discomfort you are currently feeling.

Adjust Your Sleep Position

It may also be necessary to adjust your sleep position to allow for a more comfortable way to sleep. Experts suggest sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. If you also find that there is a small gap between your mattress and your waist, you can place a pillow there too. It's all about giving your body the support it needs so that you are balanced.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t cure your back pain, but it can make sleeping much more comfortable.

Look into Topical Solutions

Another avenue worth pursuing is to look into topical solutions such as a CBD balm that can be applied to the areas of concern. These types of balms can help to relieve inflammation, which may be contributing to your back pain. This CBDNerds lazarus naturals coupon allows you to give these products a try and see if they are successful for you.

There’s No Need to Settle for a Lack of Sleep

So, if you’ve been suffering from a lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep due to back pain, it’s time to take some proactive measures that can address the pain and alleviate it.