Things You Need to Know About Social Media Crimes

Things You Need to Know About Social Media Crimes

Social Media platforms are now heavily used to assess people across the country for so many reasons, such as a job offer, visa, matrimonial and more. Because of this, social media is now infested with rogues, which can use the personal details for a number of crimes.  Millions of people logging in to their accounts every day, hence social media platforms have become the breeding ground for cyber criminals. Stealing key information from the people and using them for both online and offline crimes are on the rise now.

Offline crimes include, for instance, stalking the social media and other platforms and getting to know the whereabouts of the people and robbing the house, building a story to abduct the kids from schools are some of them. Cybercriminals will have a clear picture of what is happening in their day to day life after observing the social media life.

When it comes to online crimes, social media is overloaded with fake advertisements and videos to entice people to buy expensive goods at really cheap prices. After clicking on the ad, people will be directed to the payment page which will not be having an option to pay on delivery. There are chances, that the page which requested the details must be phishing out the personal details.

Cyber criminals also use the method to take control of the account remotely. After this, with an aim to blot victim’s image, cybercriminals send spam and malicious content to others. They can also use this for doing other criminal activities such as drug trade, honey trap and more. Such activities can be led to a huge issue in future as attempt to illegal activity, and it takes years to prove the innocence if moved legally.

However, the government is seeking the help of Artificial Intelligence to fight against these cyber crimes happening across social media, by removing such contents automatically from social media platforms. In order to remove a single content from social media platform, it takes a lot of time and thus using AI is the ideal process government is keen on. However, it was proposed after the government witnessed widespread public disorder because of the repeated rumours in the mob lynching cases.