The Top 6 Intelligence Agencies of India

BENGALURU: If administration is what runs a country, it is the intelligence which fuels it. India since independence has developed several intelligence agencies to support the mainstream administration. The country that has a very sensitive border needs strong intelligence base.

While Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) are the top intelligence agencies, there are sub agencies which form a support system to the duo. Here are the few such intelligence agencies in India:—

R&AW#1 Research & Analysis Wing:

The responsibility of India’s top secret intelligence services is to give intelligence support to the Defense services of India. Research and Analysis Wing of India was founded in 1968, is mainly involved in guarding the country from attacks from Pakistan and China.

R&AW is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India. Other functions of R&AW include collecting the external intelligence and counter-terrorism. R&AW is engaged in protecting the country from many attacks from the foreign nations.

R&AW’s unwritten charter in the constitution owes its responsibilities to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and more so to National Security Advisor (NSA).

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