The importance of solar energy today and in the coming years

Do you realize that solar power will dominate the earth for decades to come? Although the solar panels of the next 20 years will improve exponentially to the current ones, we have reached a sufficient point to, in many cases, replace traditional energy sources. The photovoltaic energy received by solar cells has not stopped growing in recent years. However, this does not stop us from admiring the sector, affirming that it is not yet where it should be and quickly deluding us with the feats promised by the future contributions. But the reality is that, today the industry is grown as never before. The United States has reached one million solar installations, and with measures such as the one imposed in San Francisco, the figure is expected to double in two years.

Much of the blame lies in the fact that the cost of solar energy has fallen by 50% in the last year and by 70% in the last decade (it is already lower than coal). The causes are in the saving of costs of production and in the improvement experienced in solutions of storage of electricity. Also, Congress there continues to give tax incentives to install panels in homes and businesses. The United States government strongly supports efforts about renewable energy and solar energy is the most important commodity there. This is the reason why the United States is a leading country in the utilization of renewable energies.

Evolution of solar panels

The role of solar energy will be essential if the United States wants to achieve the emission reduction figures of the recent Paris world agreement. In addition, the fact that the number of installations of households increases will cause their energy dependence on the traditional electricity grid to be reduced. This undoubtedly helps to avoid blackouts or to supply energy for small appliances, but in the future it will be more important.

Best of all, these are plausible current and future figures with the technology that is available right now. If at any time new developments and improvements such as those mentioned at the beginning of the article come to the market, the use of fossil fuels can be much harmed. The possibilities do not stop growing, and great proof of this is what Solar Impulse 2 is achieving.

To note, Solar Impulse 2 is the world's first solar powered flight. This is a project designed to circumnavigate the globe and last for five months. This great project has been designed and spent years planning and Bertrand Piccard was the one chosen to run the plane. The solar plane is designed to go down in a few places to improve the efficiency of the trip. The biggest challenge is probably when the plane has to cross the Pacific Ocean. To note, this ocean is the largest ocean that is often the biggest obstacle for intercontinental flights.

Achievements achieved by Solar Impulse 2 aims to spur the world more people use solar energy instead of just rely on conventional energy sources such as gas and petroleum. According to the IEA the next 30 years the world will be dominated by solar energy given the depletion of petroleum reserves from day to day. Therefore, starting to utilize solar energy is a smart step for us to prepare for the conditions that may occur in the future. Feras Antoon is an entrepreneur well known for his great ideas and what is related to this article, he has issued his ideas related to the practical application of solar technology.

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