The biggest difference on a digital platform is clock-time viewing, says Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

The biggest difference on a digital platform is clock-time viewing, says Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

Power Sportz,( Indias first digital Sports news channel seems to be on an upswing after the launch of their app with many of the users migrating from web to app viewing. We caught up with the Editor-in-Chief, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, who is Indias first woman entrepreneur in the Sports broadcast domain

You have finally launched both your Android app and IOS app. Whats been the review?

Its been phenomenal after the app launch, much beyond my expectations. I never realized the comfort of viewing, with an app in place. We are able to send in relevant notifications to our viewers and the level of engagement seems to be much higher. Though a large part of our viewers are still on the web, the migration transition is on. We should also shortly be launching the Fire tv app, to complete the circle.

How do you plan to handle your revenue streams after all your apps are launched?

Our client on-boarding process has begun and our inventories are on sale. Corporates are concerned with the overall traffic coming to the channel, irrespective whether it’s from the app or the web. Since, we are a live stream, we are focusing more on sale through sponsorships, which primarily revolves around brand integrations with a particular sport.

Apparently, you have had quite a few financial houses showing an interest in investing in Power Sportz, but the talk is that you have been particular about a few issues.

Not at all. I’m particular about only those issues that any and every entrepreneur, who has given their blood and sweat to build a product, would be! It cannot be just about an investment, it should be more about adding value to the product, and keeping the creativity of the entrepreneurial spirit, high. I’m sure, any farsighted investor would view it in the same angle and appreciate the thought process.

You have become the strong face of the channel. What would PS be without you?

Every channel needs a face (good, bad or ugly) to identify with, particularly if it’s a sports news channel. I feel honored to be the face of Power Sportz. There is no reason at the moment to visualize PS without me.

Are there any stats on digital viewing behavior that your channel has unearthed, and hitherto not known?

The way OTT platforms are growing in India, there is a lot of research work already being done by experts, and most stats are available in the public domain. Our channel has only validated the digital behavioural pattern. The biggest difference on a digital platform is clock-time viewing. I don’t think any other media platform gets the kind of 24x7 viewing as a digital platform does. So, our 12 am to 6 am slot is also active everyday!

Finally, there is always a speculation about your political ambitions. How long do you plan to continue in the media?

At the moment, my focus is completely on growing Power Sportz, and making a difference to the Sporting environment in India.

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