Tech-Savvy Indian Doctors Deploy WhatsApp for Medical Procedures

Dr. Jitendra Patil from Boisar was recently in the news for his quick thinking and technology savvy that helped him save the hand of an injured labourer. During the surgery, Dr. Patil  sent images of the hand surgery via WhatsApp messenger and Dr. Hemant guided via messages. The experiment worked and the surgery was successful.

“It is a big help when we handle complex cases. We can post video images so that we can seek diverse views on the treatment options and even sometime expert opinions," added Dr Kailas Viswanath, orthopaedic surgeon at SP Fort Hospital.

According to  Experts,  patients are the main beneficiaries for such a platform. Creatively banking on technology, we can change the way service is delivered, and bridge the gap between patient and doctors in terms of professional services delivered.

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