Tech-Savvy Indian Doctors Deploy WhatsApp for Medical Procedures

Bangalore:Today, information technology allows top medical professionals to digitally reach out to a larger physical area and consult on a wide range of cases. WhatsApp, the in-thing among smart phone users comes handy in a profession like medical among doctors. The app which was introduced mainly to text, exchange photos, videos and voice note, now serves as a medium for doctor to rescue ailing people during the times of emergency, reports G Rajiv for TOI.

A group called ‘Orthopods’ has been formed on WhatsApp by Orthopaedic surgeons both from the government and private hospitals for exchanging instant images of surgery, X-rays and scanning results. The group was formed so that members could share their views, help in diagnosis, and suggest the best treatment options to one another.

Dr K Viswanathan, Orthopaedician at NIMS Hospital said, "We formed this group a few months ago and now have 16 members who are doctors from different hospitals. We feel this tool is a good platform to share our views," reports TOI.

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