Streaming on Livebeam can make you smile every day

Streaming on Livebeam can make you smile every day

Smiling is a key to your mental health. Livebeam is a novel streaming platform that can help you smile more every day. Our streamers offer you shows on various topics. Here are our top picks to make you smile.

Funny animals

People who have funny pets love streaming them on Livebeam. You can watch any processes - some of their everyday life, training sessions, a mix of funny moments captured on camera. There are various kinds of animals shown in such streams. It doesn't matter if you prefer cats, dogs, or even hedgehogs. You will always find some enjoyable content here.


One of the best things that will make you laugh is a challenge. Many streamers choose challenges as one of the ideas for their streams because it attracts a lot of viewers. It also makes the Livebeam users enjoy our content and come back for more.

Some of the challenges that you will find here are about food. People try super spicy foods, weird food combinations, and others on camera. They usually have something that provokes a funny reaction. You will smile at such streams for sure.

Reaction videos

Some people with pleasant voices and funny speech or gestures make reaction streams. They choose different interesting and funny videos, memes, tweets, etc. Sometimes they ask their Livebeam viewers to send them ideas of the content they should react to on their social media. Later in the stream, they show the chosen content to the audience and respond to it live. They never choose something dull, and their reaction will always make you smile.

Nostalgic compilations

Things from childhood usually make people smile and remember those good old days, so watching appropriate compilations will make you smile as well. There are streamers of diverse age groups on Livebeam, and you will find your childhood memories there for sure. These streamers usually turn on some music popular back then and talk about trends of that time. Viewers can discuss that time with the streamer in the comment section.

There are tons of ways to make a person smile. Of course, different people have different things they enjoy and smile. But there are a few ones that will work for anyone. Sign up for a profile on Livebeam for free and make yourself smile more every day with our top streamers in any niche.