Smart TV Buying Guide:What Features to Consider While Getting a Smart TV

Smart TV Buying Guide:What Features to Consider While Getting a Smart TV

A house without a smart tv seems somewhat incomplete. It is, after all, the main focal point of the room to which every other furniture piece is pointed at. The entertainer which keeps you delighted with a plethora of things to watch. Sports, movies, news and what not. What's there not to like? But the only not so good thing about a SMART TV is the buying process. The process of selecting the right TV at the right price and with all the advanced features can be overwhelming for some people.

Well, the variety of TVs in the market doesn't help with. Smart TV, 4K, LED, OLED, HDR and what not. There are a huge number of types of televisions available in the market. The world of Televisions is upgrading, getting more advanced, every single day and is getting a little confusing as well. So, in case you have been having a hard time choosing from an extensive range of Smart TVs, here's a list of some basic things that you need to take into consideration while purchase or taking a smart tv on rent -

List of the things that you need to consider:

  • Display type of the TV
  • Screen Size & Resolution of the TV
  • Refresh Rate & Connectivity
  • Sound Quality of TV
  • Price of Smart TV

Display Type of Smart TV

Display Type of Smart TV

The most important thing about any TV is the screen. And among the TV's screens, there are a lot of options to consider: LED, OLED, QLED etc. There's an array of technologies and to choose from them, for instance a plasma or a basic standard LED, is indeed confusing. And then there are further options in OLED and QLED as well, which makes choosing a specific type very difficult. Therefore, the first thing you need is the knowledge about the different screen types and see which type of Smart TV you want.

Screen Size and Resolution of Smart TV

Whether you want to buy a high resolution smart TV or a standard one, the next most important thing on the list is the screen size. How much space do you have and how bigger of a TV do you want? Think about the number of people who'd be watching the TV or if you host sports or movie nights with friends and select the screen size accordingly. The size of the screen also depends on how close you'd be sitting to the TV. Consider the body to screen ratio along with the height where you'd be positioning the TV.

Next is the screen resolution. The bigger the TV, the higher or greater the resolutions it would need. Know which resolution do you want - HD, Ultra HD, 4K and so on. The more advanced the resolutions, the sharper and clear the visuals.

Refresh Rate & Connectivity of TV

Refresh Rate & Connectivity of TV

The faster the refresh rate the better. It means how many times the TV refreshes pictures per second. 60hz is the standard refresh rate. However, in fast moving scenes and pictures, a 60Hz refresh rate blurs the pixels and the visuals are deteriorated, making the viewing experience not good. For the better quality of entertainment, you're advised to get a TV with a refresh rate no less than 120Hz. Some TV models have High Frame Rate (HFR) which is a plus point as it comes with an added support for the visuals with higher than 60Hz refresh rate.

Next is the TV's connectivity. Check if the TV is truly Smart and how many functions does it have. See the built-in apps and which apps are supported. Also find out about the external device connectivity - HDMI connections, Set-top box, USB cables or drives, dongle, or Blu-ray player.

Sound Quality of the Smart TV

Always remember, the higher the wattage of the TV, the louder its sound output would be. So, always remember to check the wattage. It's extremely important, especially if you have a spacious or bigger room. Then you need to have a TV that produces quality and enough louder sound for you to have a good viewing experience. The best way to check the sound quality of the TV is to play some loud movie action scenes. Play and then listen carefully to the harshness of the sound. Check if the audio is thin or distorted when the volume is high. Check bass for the heavy action scenes and see if the voice sounds realistic or not.

In addition to that audio, also make sure 5o check the cabinet rattle, alongside directional distortions as well as any kind of weird buzzing sound when there is pressure. If you finally find a TV with great sound then we suggest you also invest in a good sound system setup, choose a good soundbar, to enhance your viewing experience.

Price of the Smart TV

Price, the most important factors of all, on which the final buying decision depends. Of course everyone has a certain budget while purchasing any kind of products. And when it comes to home appliances, the budget matters even more because home appliances are highly expensive. If you have a set budget for a Smart TV, check most of the reputed brands and compare their prices and the features that they are offering.

You may fall in love with a TV set at first sight but remember not you go overboard or out of budget. Ensure that you can afford it.However, you need not make the sacrifice just because of the budget. There are plenty of options in the market with which you can acquire your desired smart tv. One of which is renting home appliances. Yes, take your favourite smart tv on rent in highly affordable price.

Not just that, by renting, you get many more benefits such as free delivery, pickup, installation, maintenance and even doorstep paperwork. You can order within minutes, without any hassle or headache of searching the perfect TV in stores. Just brows through our website, select and order. It's that easy!

Though ultimately, the choice and decision is yours. We hope this list helps you get the best Smart TV to offer you an incredible home viewing experience.