Shantanu Naidu a Young Assistant & Millennial Friend of Magnate Ratan Tata

Shantanu Naidu a Young Assistant & Millennial Friend of Magnate Ratan Tata

India's biggest industrialist and philanthropist, Ratan Naval Tata, recently celebrated his birthday without any lavish party. Ratan Tata is a well-known personality who doesn't need any intro. Most of the entrepreneurs admire him as an example. Tata Son's chairman emeritus, who orbited in his 84th birthday on December 28 with a cupcake and a candle, was brought by a young business assistant of magnate Ratan Tata. His humble birthday celebration clip was still going viral on social media. Many people are still nosy about Shantanu Naidu, who was seen sitting next to him and putting his hand on Ratan Tata's shoulder and feeding him a piece of cupcake.

Who is Shantanu Naidu?

Shantanu Naidu is a recognised Indian businessman, engineer, junior assistant, DGM social media influencer, author, and entrepreneur from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Naidu has been very famous as deputy general manager of Tata Trusts since 2017. Apart from this, Shantanu has also performed as a Design Engineer at Tata Elxsi.

As per his official Instagram profile, Naidu is also the founder of Motopaws. Let me tell you that, Motopaws is a company which makes glow-in-the-dark collars of dogs. It is mainly founded to help street dogs from accidents. Apart from this, Shantanu is also known for his amazing skills.

Being an author, Naidu also published his own book titled I Came Upon a Lighthouse: A Short Memoir of Life with Ratan Tata. At present, he is a successful engineer and the founder of Motopaws organization. Not only this, but Shantanu also works as an author for HarperCollins Publishers India.

Early Life of Shantanu Naidu

Shantanu Naidu was born in Pune, India. According to his year of birth, Shantanu is 28 years old (2021). He is a skilful guy. Talking about his educational background, Shantanu has been an outstanding student. His early educational institutions have not been disclosed. However, it is known that he went to the University of Pune. Later, Shantanu joined Cornwell University Johnson School of Management to earn his MBA degree. He went to New York in 2016 and returned to India after two years with his MBA degree.

Shantanu Naidu’s Career  

After seeing his Linkedln profile, we found that Shantanu joined Tata Technologies as an Engineering Intern. He did a 1-year internship at Tata Technologies from May 2009 to May 2010. In September 2014, he became the Design Engineer at Tata Elxsi. He worked there for more than one year.

As per the sources, Shantanu got an opportunity to work as a Business strategy Intern at Tata Trusts. He did four years and seven months of internship. In July 2018, Naidu was appointed as the Deputy General Manager, Chairman's Office of Tata Trusts.

Apart from being an engineer, Shantanu Naidu is also a professional author. He also published his book titled I Came Upon a Lighthouse: A Short Memoir of Life with Ratan Tata in January 2021. Currently, he also serves the position of a junior assistant of Ratan Tata.

Shantanu Naidu the founder of Motopaws

As per his Linkedln profile, Shantanu founded this company in June 2009. In an interview, Shantanu said that he came home late at night because of his engineering internship. Once, he saw a car run over the street dog as Shantanu was a dog lover. He surveyed why this incident happened. Most people say that they don't see the street dogs in the dark.

After this incident, Shantanu Naidu invented 'glow-in-the-dark' collars for dogs. Later, he founded a company named Motopaws. He also made a separate website for his company. Today, Motopaws is an organization that makes several 'glow-in-the-dark' collars for dogs.

This young talented guy makes a good income throughout his career. According to some media reports, Shantanu gets an annual Rs 8.5 lacs (approx.). Sources estimated the net worth of INR 5-6 Crores (approx.).

What is the bonding between Shantanu Naidu and Ratan Naval Tata?

The youngster's vision came true when Ratan Tata invited him for a meeting after his Facebook post where he wrote about dog collars he had created with reflectors for stray dogs so that drivers could spot them on the roads of Mumbai. Soon Naidu's work started getting all attention when highlighted in the Tata company's newsletter, which got him an invitation to Mumbai from Ratan Tata himself, the former chairman of the Tata group and an animal activist.

Veteran businessman Ratan Tata is also a fan of Shantanu's good ideas. As per several reports, Shantanu Naidu helps Ratan Tata in his personal investment in startups. With his work, Shantanu has won Ratan Tata's heart. Interestingly, Ratan Tata has a strong belief in the country's startup ecosystem, which could be why the startups that get Ratan Tata's support often significantly increase their value. According to reports, Shantanu Naidu gives Business tips to Ratan Tata for investing in startups.

The act of kindness

Shantanu Naidu has his Instagram account 'On Your Sparks', via which he encourages students across the country who worry about entering the field of entrepreneurship. Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, Shantanu Naidu started an online talk - 'On Your Sparks' to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He started the talk based on his life lessons and transformed them into entrepreneurial lessons. Now, he goes live with 'On Your Sparks' every Sunday on his Instagram account and takes Rs 500 for each attendee, and these fund goes to Motopaws to support street dogs. Today, Motopaws has outstretched to over 20 cities and four countries.