Safe and Secure Homes Delivered Through Home Automation

Safe and Secure Homes Delivered Through Home Automation

Home automation is on the rise and one of the significant reasons for it the desire for homeowners to have much improved home safety and security. Increasingly people are more away from their homes, when both parents in a family work and kids go to school on a daily basis. There are also more vacations away from home, when there is no one present to look after the home and in such situations there is a need for greater safety and security. In situations when there are people at home by themselves, especially elderly people or young kids, there is a need for additional safety and security that is being sought in order to alleviate concerns. All these result in SAFETY & SECURITY being the dominant reasons why home automation is shown to be of great value to people, in terms of offering peace of mind. The key areas in which Safety and Security are being sought by home owners are:

? Gas leaks: Monitoring for leaks from cylinders or piped gas.

? Smoke & Fire: Monitoring for fires that break out in home at a very early stage when the fire creates smoke, especially in kitchens.

? Intrusion: Monitoring door or window intrusion when no one is at home and for some door or windows that are high risk for break in.

? Motion sensing: Monitoring the inside of homes when no one is at home and also for areas such as balconies which intruders might access even if people are at home.

? Panic buttons: Quick way to trigger alarms and communicate the need for help in case of home intrusions, or emergencies experienced in the home. Wireless versions can be carried on person (within the home), especially by senior citizens in case they fall down and need help.

? Video Door Phones: To speak and see visitors before you open the door, or to even remotely see who is at the door when you are not at home.

? Centralized monitoring of sensors: All the above sensors being monitored not just by home owners but by other professional management within the residential or commercial building complex so that response can be assured quickly and effectively to any Safety or Security event.

Keep your home safe and secure by opting for home automation technologies that provide such features. These systems are now available in wireless deployment options so that even in existing homes they can be deployed quickly and without disturbing the finished space.

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