Revealed: 6 Terrifying Places Not to Visit in India

BANGALORE: India is well-known for its great civilization in history. But, there are some places in the country which is severely affected in the name of development and human interference. So, here are the six places in India that need dire attention to change for better, as listed by India TV.

Yamuna River in New Delhi: Back in 1909, the waters of the Yamuna, the largest tributary river of the Ganges, were described as ‘clear blue’. But, at present, this holy river is over polluted from the muck and filth loaded by people. With the high density of growth in population and significant industrial advances, it is now one of the most polluted rivers in the world as per the UN report.

Especially the part of river that flows around New Delhi is severely polluted as the city dumps over 50 percent of its waste into the river. The Union government informed the Lok Sabha in 2009 that the Ganga Action Plan and the Yamuna Action Plan have failed, expounding that the rivers are not clean now than it was two decades ago, even after the government spends 1, 700 crore to control the pollution in and around these rivers. Over the time, the river has also become a corpse dump yard, adding to the overwhelming pollution.

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