Praneet Takur, SEO expert in India who is changing SEO industry by his agency Shoutrank

Praneet Takur, SEO expert in India who is changing SEO industry by his agency Shoutrank

Some people are the products of talent, some are products of hard work. Then there are some who are a perfect mix of talent and hard work. When we talk about such rare people in the digital marketing industry of India, there are just a few names we can actually think of. One of such rare people is the best SEO expert in India, Praneet Thakur. The journey that just started as a passion, has become a highly successful profession for this nerd. While converting his passion to a profession, he went on to build the best SEO company in India, that is Shoutrank.

The grind to become the best SEO expert in India

There are many people who might think that the success of the best SEO expert in India is more of an overnight success, but that means have ignored the hard work he has put behind the success we are seeing today. The grind he has put behind is rarely something many will do. The sweat and the sleepless nights to grow step by step before being the best SEO expert in India, totally makes you feel that none were more deserving to be in the #1 position more than this founder of Shoutrank, which is the best SEO company in India. When many give up after the initial grind due to not getting quick success, this geeky entrepreneur believed in the old textbook method of going step by step with a high level of patience to reach the top position.

What the best SEO expert in India does with Shoutrank?

Praneet Thakur, founded Shoutrank to help businesses around the world grow well. Shoutrank, the best SEO agency in India helps businesses to develop unique strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. Along with branding, they help businesses with quality sales and exponential growth. The brands who trust the best SEO expert in India, are always up for a sure-shot success with the great number of business scopes coming their way. Praneet Thakur, with Shoutrank agency, has a proven track record. Not only him, but his team of experts is second to none in their domain. With all said and done while doing SEO, the best SEO expert in India always strictly follows SEO ethics and never compromises with them.

What is the ultimate goal of this knowledgeable entrepreneur?

At his age, many might be wanting to earn and go on holidays in the Maldives, but surprisingly this ground-to-earth SEO from Mumbai believes in simple living and high thinking. The best SEO expert in India wants to reach the life of every single person in every corner of the country. He wants to reach the poor people, help them develop skills, and make them self-sufficient. Does he have any hidden interest in this? No! He is doing it just to give back to the society that has given him so much till now.

He has already reached the lives of 1000s of people, trained them for free, and made them highly skilled that some are even earning 6 digits every month. It is such an inspiring story, that it is a must that this story reaches every people. Given the age of the best SEO expert in India, we can easily say that he is the over-achiever everyone wants to be but fails due to a lack of patience and determination. His success teaches everyone that there is no shortcut to success and nothing beats hard work. He may succeed in reaching millions of people, or maybe he fails, but the thought of reaching millions of people in itself is always an achievement. Very few people dream of it.

What is the advice of this successful entrepreneur for his fellow entrepreneurs?

According to the best SEO expert in India, you might stumble, and fall down. The thing that defines you is if you are able to stand up and recover to reach your goal. The way he says this with crystals in his eyes shows in-depth his ambition and how much he wants everyone to succeed in their respective fields. One just needs to salute this person who has achieved so much at such a young age but always stays grounded.