Packages from China to the United States can last forever - this new forwarder promises a quick delivery

Packages from China to the United States can last forever - this new forwarder promises a quick delivery

Getting your parcels from China to the States

More and more US companies have their products manufactured in
Asia. Most of the time, even the stock keeping is outsourced to China, as it is a lot cheaper than renting huge warehouses there than it is in our country. What may be practical and less expensive to the online shops, can be an odyssey to the buyer. Many consignments take a long way to get here, others just seem to vanish somewhere between theirorigin and their destination – pretty annoying, especially if the buyer has forgotten to have their package insured.

A brand-new Chinese freight forwarder has entered the market, though, promising live tracking and quick shipping. Ordering items in China has never been this easy. As soon as an online store offers Yun Express as a way of shipping, the buyer can pick it and benefit from the reliable services of the parcel service. But how does the Chinese company work and how come that it´s quick, safe and affordable at the same time?

Why does shipping from China to the USA usually take so long?

China is a huge country with an infrastructure that doesn´t compare to ours. At the same time, many of the factories and warehouses held by online shops that ship to the US are situated in the middle of nowhere. That is why many of them chose not to ship their parcels on a daily basis. Many Chinese companies have decided to post their packages only once of twice a week. If the volume of the ordered items is not big enough, some of them may even wait for the following week before they hand the parcels over to a forwarder.

Due to that fact, it is not uncommon to wait for a week or two until your order even leaves the country of China. During that time, tracking services usually don´t work yet and might therefore leave you puzzled. The voyage itself doesn´t even take that long, but as soon as your order enters the United States, it goes through customs, which can take a while, too. Afterwards, it is forwarded to you – depending on where exactly you live, that can take up to a few days as well.How can Yun Express avoid this problem?

Yun Express Tracking

Ordering things in China used to be a synonym for a long-lasting uncertainty as to whether of not the parcel would arrive. But now, Yun Express promises for a quick delivery. If shipping from China or other countries to the USA can be so hard, how can Yun Express make a difference?

A network of forwarders

The forwarder claims to have a strong network of reliable partners all around the globe. In China, the parcel driver rattles off the factories on a regular basis and simply picks up all due parcels. Thanks to that extra effort, your orders hit the road earlier. Even on US ground, Yun Express manages a quick progress of shipping by collaborating with local partners. That way, UPS, DHL or USPS will be responsible for getting that parcel to your front door within a matter of a day or two.

Tracking App

Tracking makes it possible to get a real-time idea of where is parcel is at right at the moment. In order to be able to retrieve that info no matter where you are situated or what you are doing, forwarders like Yun Express offer an App for iOS as well as Android. All you need to do is enter your 18-digit tracking number, which begins with the two letters YT. If your online shop doesn´t pass the tracking number on to you, make sure to ask for it as Yun Express only gives the shipping information out automatically to the sender.