Oxford To Launch Online Hindi Dictionary

NEW DELHI: Oxford University Press on Thursday announced the launch of online Hindi dictionary as part of the Oxford Global Languages (OGL) programme.

Hindi is the ninth language to become a part of the OGL programme, which has led to the development of a Hindi-Hindi online dictionary.

"The Hindi site will be supported by language champion, Poonam Nigam Sahay who is an associate professor at Ranchi University. She will provide strategic advice and grow awareness of the initiative," according to a statement released by OUP.

"The development of a dictionary website for Hindi will help increase awareness and access for the language, not just in India but everywhere else where learners and speakers of Hindi exist," OUP Managing Director V. Sivaramakrishnan said.

"A digital platform for languages not just provides vast storage of language data that is accessible anytime but also helps in the development of the language," he added.

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Source: IANS