On International Family Day, buy a family health insurance plan by Bajaj Finance

On International Family Day, buy a family health insurance plan by Bajaj Finance

International Family Day on May 15th is the day to celebrate your family and their importance in your life. As you cherish fond memories with them, it is also a great time to securing your family against the financial risks arising from medical emergencies. Such emergencies come unannounced, wrecking your financial planning and often either exhausting your savings or making you compromise on the quality of procedures to be carried out. Thus, you need to make a wise financial decision today by covering them with family health insurance. 

A health insurance policy enables you and your family to focus on the healthy recovery of your loved ones, rather than worrying about footing steep medical treatment bills. And, a family floater plan offers the advantage of having your family well-covered under a single plan.

Family floater plan – a protective umbrella that covers your family 

At Bajaj Finance, we believe that a family is the first step of having a healthy ecosystem around us. Exactly the reason why we partner with some of the top insurance companies in India like Aditya Birla Health Insurance to bring our customers best family floater plans that will work as a protective umbrella over a family. In case of a medical emergency, family health insurance or family floater plans will soften the blow by providing financial assistance that is required during such critical times.

Benefits of family health insurance

Here are some of the key features offered by Bajaj Finance under the family floater plans for our customers:

  • Greater coverage in affordable premium 

A family floater plan provides widespread coverage at a cost-effective premium, compared to other individual health insurance plans. It necessitates a one-time insurance charge for the whole family. 

Family health insurance plans provided by Bajaj Finance offer comprehensive coverage for critical illness, modern treatments, AYUSH and Homeopathy treatment, OPD expenses, organ donor expenses, and more, available at affordable premiums.

  • Lesser restrictions on enrolment age of insured 

Many family health insurance products have flexible entry age criteria for enrolling a family member into the policy. Family health insurance policies offered by Bajaj Finance have an age limit for adults between 18 years to a maximum of 70 years for the policyholder and their spouse. For children, it starts from 91 days to 30 years of age.

  • Value-added benefits

With a family floater plan you can also avail value-added benefits such as:

  1. Refill your sum insured

One of the most significant features offered under family health insurance is the reinstatement of the sum insured. This feature automatically restores the sum insured value within the active policy year, so the insured can claim the benefit for the second time in case of any family member's hospitalisation. Bajaj Finance along with Aditya Birla Health Insurance offers reinstatement benefit up to 5 lakhs.

  1. Day-care treatments and pre- and post-hospitalisation coverage

You can get coverage against expenses incurred in day-care treatments, wherein the insured needs to be hospitalised for less than 24 hours. Aditya Birla Health Insurance offered by Bajaj Finance provides coverage on day-care treatment for 527 days, pre-hospitalisation for 30 days, andpost hospitalisation for 60 days. 

  • Cashless transaction

To ensure you seek proper medical treatment without worrying about having enough cash to meet the hospitalisation expenses, family health insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance gives you access to over 5,000 network hospitals. You can avail the cashless transaction facility by simply submitting the insurance papers or insurance ID card to the authorised person at the network hospital.

With Bajaj Finance Limited, make a smart choice to secure your family’s health. By choosing the right plan, you can help your family stay better prepared for future contingencies.