Olympus Chooses Hyderabad for R&D Centre with HCLTech

Olympus Chooses Hyderabad for R&D Centre with HCLTech
Olympus Corporation, a global leader in medical technology, has announced Hyderabad as the location for its new Offshore Development Centre (ODC) in partnership with technology firm HCLTech. This initiative, revealed during discussions between a Telangana delegation and Olympus officials in the U.S., signifies Olympus' commitment to leveraging global talent and resources for medical technology advancements.
The decision to establish the ODC in Hyderabad, India's burgeoning medtech hub, underscores the city's conducive environment for research and development activities. This move aligns with Olympus' expansion strategy, with plans to eventually establish an in-house R&D centre in India, complementing its existing centres in Japan, the U.S., and Europe.
The partnership with HCLTech will see the establishment of a dedicated product innovation centre in Hyderabad, catering to Olympus' operations across regions like the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Expected to commence operations by July 2024, this centre aims to bolster Olympus' business expansion plans and drive advancements in medical technology.
The Telangana government, which hosted Olympus officials at BioAsia 2024, hailed the investment as a significant milestone for Hyderabad's medical devices ecosystem. Ministers D. Sridhar Babu and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, along with senior officials, expressed their support for the venture, emphasizing its potential to elevate India's standing in the global medical devices sector.
Olympus' Chief Innovation Officer, Andre Roggan, highlighted the company's longstanding partnership with HCLTech in core engineering and R&D services. This collaboration, he noted, would enhance Olympus' engineering capabilities and foster new innovations to enhance healthcare through technology.
Furthermore, Olympus will collaborate with AIG Hospitals in Hyderabad for joint research projects, aiming to leverage clinical expertise for the development of innovative medical solutions. This partnership underscores Olympus' commitment to addressing the evolving needs of patients globally and advancing healthcare through collaborative research endeavors.
Overall, Olympus' investment in Hyderabad signifies a significant step towards bolstering India's position as a global hub for medical device innovation. With access to a rich talent pool and robust infrastructure, Hyderabad emerges as a strategic choice for driving advancements in medical technology and shaping the future of healthcare worldwide.