Now Women Empowerment in India to Get a Boost from GIT

BENGALURU: Women empowerment in India has seen it is share of ups and downs with the society but some self-help groups for women are making its mark in empowering women from all fields. San Francisco-based global non-profit organization Girls in Tech (GIT)—working towards empowering women in technology and entrepreneurship—has launched India operations and made Hyderabad its hub, according to

The global non-profit organization focused on supporting and raise the visibility of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the two areas will be formally launched on January 11 at a function. Sree Divya Vadlapudi is the youngest undergraduate researcher with the most number of International publications—Limca Book of Records. Founded in 2007, it has many chapters around the world in Paris, France and Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With the ideologies such as engagement, education and empowerment of women which are intact, GIT India wants to localize the mission with best resources available to achieve the desired results. Over some past seven months, it has identified a few focus areas such as helping students take up entrepreneurship after college and mothers returning to careers after taking a break. However, these programmes are result oriented and already 2,100 women have been trained under this.

The sponsors offered to the GIT include names like Intel, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, WordPress/Automattic, Google, Facebook, Axosoft, Infusionsoft, Battery Ventures, GoDaddy, the release claimed. Now Hyderabad is emerging as a key place for start-ups and entrepreneurship, especially in the IT sector, second only to Bangalore. The Telangana State also established the T-Hub, the country's biggest start-up venture with funding and was opened by Ratan Tata.

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