Narendra Modi Elected Leader of NDA Parliamentary Party, Set for Third Term as Prime Minister

Narendra Modi Elected Leader of NDA Parliamentary Party, Set for Third Term as Prime Minister
In a significant political development, Narendra Modi was unanimously elected as the leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Parliamentary party on Friday, paving the way for his third consecutive term as Prime Minister of India. The NDA, under his leadership, will soon stake its claim to form the next government before the President.
The election took place at the Central Hall of Parliament, where Modi was warmly felicitated and garlanded by his allies. Marking the solemn occasion, Modi touched the Constitution with his forehead and bowed, demonstrating his respect and commitment.
In his address, Prime Minister-designate Modi expressed gratitude to the leaders for their relentless efforts and congratulated them on their electoral success. "I congratulate all the leaders for their win and also salute their efforts for working tirelessly to ensure victory for the alliance", Modi stated, reinforcing his vision for continued governance.
Upon his arrival, Modi was greeted enthusiastically with chants of ‘Modi, Modi’ from supporters, reflecting his widespread popularity and the momentum behind his leadership.
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh proposed Modi's name for the leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party, highlighting Modi’s pivotal role in securing a decisive victory for a third term. Singh emphasized that the NDA alliance signifies a steadfast commitment rather than a mere political arrangement.
Home Minister Amit Shah seconded the proposal, underscoring the party's united stance. BJP President JP Nadda also lauded the allies and attributed the historic achievement to Modi’s leadership. “History is in the making as the NDA will form a government for the third consecutive time with a clear majority”, Nadda said, celebrating the alliance’s strong position.
As the NDA prepares to approach the President, the election of Modi as leader underscores the coalition’s readiness to commence its next chapter of governance, continuing the trajectory set over the past decade.