MSRcosmos Provides Seamless Cloud Computing Strategy to Evolving Businesses

MSRcosmos Provides Seamless Cloud Computing Strategy to Evolving Businesses
The demand for cloud services has seen a steady rise, and aaccording to Gartner, India's public cloud services market would rise to $7.3 billion in 2022, marking a 29.6% growth from 2021. Capitalising on this momentum, MSRcosmos is providing Cloud Computing Strategies to Businesses to make their journey towards Digital Transformation seamless.
There was a time when the cloud was perceived as “the future of the industry.” The future is finally here, and the cloud is starting to become the industry standard. The pandemic played a big role in forcing businesses to accelerate their journey to the cloud. The rapid growth in the demand for cloud services continued long after the necessities of the pandemic stopped being a factor, once businesses observed the monumental advantages that cloud brings to the table. The cloud is a vision of productivity, agility and growth. However, when it comes down to realising that vision for businesses, limited resources and over-worked in-house expertise can become an insurmountable barrier to the successful transition to cloud infrastructure. This is precisely why MSRcosmos founded in 2008 offers the cloud technology expertise, resources, and tools coupled with their extensive industry and business experience to deliver on the promises of cloud computing along with Blockchain, Robotic process automation technology and artificial intelligenceto customers across US, North America region, Canada and APAC markets focusing on E2E Digital transformation through their innovative Products, Solutions, Services and strategic partnerships. 
Siva Gopal
SivaGopal M, Founder & Chairman at MSRcosmos reflected on the rising popularity of the cloud, “There is no doubt that 2022 will see rapid growth of cloud services. This was inevitable when one considers that it offers faster response to opportunities, faster time-to-market for products, improved customer experience, and enhanced competitiveness to businesses. It is an investment that certainly pays off if an enterprise picks the right partner that can ensure that their cloud computing strategy is aligned with their business strategy, which is what we at MSRCosmos do.”
Pradeep Pradeep Kumar Lekharaju, Head of APAC, MSRcosmos shared his thought on cloud saying, “Change is a constant factor in any business but what is important is to respond quickly to changing business conditions where cloud comes in helpful because of its speed and agility. With cloud computing, resources are available in minutes, which mean companies can respond to new market developments much more rapidly. The fact that it supports automation helps drive innovation. At MSRcosmos we are not just IT but transformational partners of businesses and Cloud is definitely the future of any workforce. ”
MSRcosmos also provides managed services to customers once they adopt cloud which includes security and cloud cost optimizations.
The COVID 19 phenomenon is certainly pushing organisations and large enterprises to combat their legacy systems. For obvious reasons of convenience, agility, scalability and enablement, CLOUD looks quite promising with new Digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms
Owing to these trends, Enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services will see huge rise during this year and will certainly grow YoY.
One of the top trends in cloud can be termed as the increasing ‘SaaS-ification’ that we see today wherein most businesses want to modernize by replacing some of their legacy applications with SaaS applications since many mission-critical legacy solutions may not transition to the cloud cost-effectively. MSRcosmos has the capacity to support the ETL involved when clients want to move from a legacy, on-premises application to a completely different SaaS solution. MSRcosmos also offers Public, private, hybrid cloud hosting solutions and will continue to trend in 2022 as businesses expand to the Cloud to handle scale and processing. The demand for cloud services will keep rising throughout 2022, and MSRcosmos will be at the forefront to fulfil them along with Blockchain, Robotic process automation technology and artificial intelligence
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