Meet These 10 MPs Who Didn't Raise Their Voice in the 15th Lok Sabha

BANGALORE: Fisticuffs, mike breaking, pepper spraying-the most recent incident, are some of the scenes float before eyes the moment one hears the word ‘Parliament’. And, what about the parliamentarians? They are the elements of this unprecedented chaos. However, not everyone is the same. There are some MPs follow the dictum “Silence is golden” and hardly speak or raise any questions during proceedings in the House. According to the PRS Legislative Research, over 60 MPs from Lok Sabha and 35 from Rajya Sabha did not either participate in debates, private member's bills or pose any question. Let us take a note of these 10 well-known MPs who keep themselves tight-lipped in the five years of their terms, as compiled by PRS Legislative Research.

Rahul Gandhi:  The scion of Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, Rahul Gandhi is one of the politicians from whom a lot is expected.

He comes from the most powerful political family of India, the Nehru Family and has as a huge burden of expectation as three of his predecessors have already occupied the prestigious Prime Ministerial post of India. At present, he is representing the constituency of Amethi and also the Vice President of the Indian National Congress. But, as legislators he failed to raise even one developmental question during the proceedings of the House. Though he still has a long way to go, he needs to be more active as far as his involvement in the Parliament goes.

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