Kolkata Boy Invents 'TrueEmoji' Technology, Gets Awarded by Google

BANGALORE: In the early years of the 20th century, Gopal Krishna Gokhale remarked that “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow”. Since then it has been a quote which every Bong has been proud of!  And a recent innovation by a Kolkata boy has indeed given this saying some substance! Sumesh Dugar, an entrepreneur has successfully developed software that can recognize emotions reports Krishnendu Bandyopadhyay of TNN. Yes, software that can recognize emotions! This means the problem which Rajnikanth had with “Chitti” in his movie ROBOT, has been solved!

So, where did he find inspiration for a technology like this from? Well, Dugar was troubled to see the way in which humans have allowed emotionless technology to take over their lives, making them robotic. Kolkata is called “City of Joy” for a reason, Kolkata is highly emotive, and robotic behavior of those around Dugar made him feel this emerging deficiency even more. Moreover, he also was bothered as the social media had ensured the loss of human touch in social communication, making the condition even lament. All these reasons inspired him and spurred the entrepreneur mind of his to develop TrueEmoji!

Recognizing the power TrueEmoji has to change the way in which humans engage with interfaces and people in their social circle on a daily basis, Google honored Dugar by inviting him to their Launchpad event. His organization was one of the 10,000 startups that were invited at this event. Not only that, he was also awarded credit worth $20,000 by Google to develop 'TrueEmoji' further. Excited by the respect and the monetary help he received from Google, Dugar explained that how this technology was going to change the way humans interact now-a-days by recognizing their state of mind. He also believes that today's technology is advanced enough to design products that will enrich digital communication with emotions. This innovation eliminates the divide between emotion and communication by moving to Emotional Intelligence (EI) from Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will be a sheer revolution is the communication space as a man's emotional state will read by this software by analyzing the facial contour through camera!

What’s even better is that this software can be downloaded on smart-phones as an application which will be able to recognize the state of mind of a human, making the communication smarter and more effective! When asked about how exactly this application will work, Dugar explained that suppose if a person you are communicating with is angry, you will try to be less offensive. If the person is happy, you will continue talking and perhaps even turn your efforts up a notch. If the person is confused, you may go on explaining things better. Hmmm…will that not mean that we can’t be fake over conversations anymore? Well, now that’s an issue! But no pain, no gain…right?

The software will also have an impact upon the marketing strategy of organizations! As now, once the technology reads the consumer's expressions, it will respond by sharing relevant information making it easy for the organizations to know what the clients really feel! Dugar is all set now to get some help in launching the software in the market and he has been meeting investors lately for the same. A working prototype is already in shape and Dugar claims that it will take 3 months to launch TrueEmoji once the first-round of funding is secured.

Innovations have been shaping the human ways for quite a long now! And recent innovations have shown the flexibility Science and Technology has to support them. Self-lacing shoes, solar-operated cell-phone chargers, face recognition security features, and now emotion recognizing software, the band of scientific innovation is limitless!

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