Kamal Power Women Awards to 75 Women Achievers to mark 75 years of progressive India

Kamal Power Women Awards to 75 Women Achievers to mark 75 years of progressive India
Celebrating the courage and confidence of 75 exceptional women across the dimensions and geographical boundaries of India, AnkibaiGhamandiramGowani Trust by NidarshanaGowaniorganised Kamala Power Women Awards 2023 to recognize, felicitate and empower the exemplary women of India on International Women’s Day.
The felicitation ceremony for the awardees was held at DrAmbedkar International Center, New Delhi. Kamala Power Women Awards were felicitated to the 75 awardees by Honourable Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture MsMeenakshiLekhi. The esteemed awards were conferred in recognition of the excellence shown by the women across categories like girl child education, women's health, music, gender inclusion, Indian culture, and much more. These women have been going beyond their comfort zone and extra mile to bring a positive change in society. 
The event was also graced by Smt. DarshanaJardosh, Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways & Textiles, ShriArjun Ram Meghwal, Hon’ble Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs & Culture, K G BalakrishnaJi, Former Chief Justice of India, Smt. Leela Devi DookunLuchoomunHon'bleVice Prime Minister &Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science, Government of Mauritius, and other dignitaries. 
Sharing her insights during the event, NidarshanaGowani, Founder & Trustee Kamala Gowani Trust said, “Women today have succeeded in all walks of life. They are leading examples of strong, exemplary, and determined. The women we felicitated today are the new-era women of change who are an immense source of inspiration and motivation to the current and upcoming generation to bring positive change in society. I am touched by the quality of service each woman has provided to society despite the obstacles and hardships they face. Each of them has stood out in their service and worked zealously. I would like to thank each one of them for the contribution they have made”
While addressing the gathering, Union Minister MeenakshiLekhi said, “Prime Minister NarendraModi changed the narrative of women empowerment by promoting women-led development and keeping them at the centre of policy making. Men and women make two wheels of the wagon that must pace in tandem. I am thankful to my brothers too who have gathered here to celebrate the achievements of women hailing from across the country.” 
The women who were felicitated at the event were the Late SindhutaiSapkal, Jayashree, MallikaHanda, SaritaGayakwad, Swati Pandey, KangannaPalliRadha Devi, DivyaKhandal, RadhikaKumari, KetkiPandit Mehta, Sudha Sharma, PratikshaTondwalkar, PunamRai, VeenaNagda, BhavnaBafna, Shanti Rai, Sara Lakhani, Shahida Praveen Ganguly, AnupamaRaag, DrSeemaRao, DrNavina Singh, AparnaPujari, DrAnamika, Sharma, MadhumitaSav, Rati Singh, NishaBhagat, ZoyaAgarwal, MeeraParida, DipikaRabha, PriyankaTibrewal, VevohuluChurhah, Darshana Sharma, Barkha Singh, Ananya Paul Dodmani, DrShipraDharSrivastav, SarojGangadharWarke, ShinjiniKulkarni, Joybi Devi Heikrujam, Lin Laishram, BhartiMahendraSangoi, DrSangeetaMehra, Purva Anil Kulkarni, DrSmitaSrivastav, Suman Sharma, Sadhna Shankar, Smita Thackeray, Rashi& Rima, Aisha Ansari, SurinerJeetKaur, ChetnaChamoli, DrDeepti Sharma Shrikunj, Anita Bimal, ShwetaBasu Prasad, PurnimaAnand, DrDeeptiAdhau, DrMallikaVerma, Monika Tomar, AyushiRao, Mukta Singh, Ravi Bala Sharma, SharmilaOswal, TamannaPherwani, Dimple Marwaha, SanyaMulani, KekiAdhikari and many more. 
Kamala Power Women would continue celebrating the success of women and encouraging them to build towards an empowered society. The Trust has set a benchmark to find stories of inspiration and felicitate them year after year.
Source: Press Release