Job Prospects for Engineering Students

Job Prospects for Engineering Students

Since times untold, engineering has remained one of the most popular fields of study in India. Job prospects for graduates of the course have always been good, where candidates can join the private sector or the government sector. For example, engineers can appear for the “Indian Engineering Services” exam that is conducted by the UPSC and can join a number of departments in the government at the state level. Then there are the armed forces, civil aviation, and the Merchant Navy that always have engineering jobs available.

Around independence, most engineering jobs were available in the government. In the recent decades however, the private sector has been developing at a fast rate. Many public sector and infrastructure activities have now been opened up for private sector organizations as well, which has led to a plethora of engineering job openings for graduates. The most popular streams that are chosen in engineering are civil, electrical, and mechanical, and each of these streams offer different types of jobs after one completes their graduation.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil engineers are the ones who conceive and design, build and supervise, and construct, maintain, operate different infrastructure projects and systems. These projects can be in both the public and private sector. Examples of infrastructure projects that civil engineers may undertake may include buildings, roads, airports, dams, tunnels, bridges, as well as water supply and sewage treatment systems. Education is another field where civil engineering jobs are available.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering Jobs

The designing, development, testing and supervising of the manufacturing processes for electrical equipment, are some of the most common tasks that are undertaken by electronic or electrical engineers. Electrical equipment may include radars, navigation systems, power generation equipment, communication systems, and electric motors as well. One of the major electrical engineering jobs is designing the electrical systems that are used in aircrafts and automobiles. Many also work in fields related to computer hardware.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineering is one of the widest disciplines in engineering. The designing and overseeing of the manufacturing of several products that may range from batteries to complex medical devices is undertaken by engineers. Mechanical engineering jobs also include the designing of power producing machines (turbines, combustion engines, etc.) and power using machines (AC systems, refrigeration, etc.). Mechanical engineers are also regularly responsible for integrating controllers, machinery and sensors.

As mentioned before, the opportunities for engineering graduates are many. All you need to do is go online and search for the right engineering jobs available on job portals and apply for the ones that suit you best.

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