IT Recruitment in Poland - recruit your specialists now!

 IT Recruitment in Poland - recruit your specialists now!

If your company's staffing level requirements are steadily increasing, if you are concerned about finding and hiring candidates who have the right professional skills and meet your client's personnel requirements, it's time to contact the Sowelo recruitment agency. The company has been operating in Poland, in Krakow, since 2007, and so far has more than 1600 completed recruitment projects, more than 135 open projects and more than 180 satisfied clients. The latter number is growing steadily, with clients returning with new projects and recommending Sowelo's services to others.

So if you need support to make your business grow, if you are looking for information or have any questions - contact Sowelo today. You will quickly see that by entrusting recruitment to experienced headhunters you will save not only money, but also a lot of valuable time. What's more, out of concern for the high standard of its services, Sowelo provides a 3-6 month guarantee for each candidate recommended to the client under the current contract.

Moreover, as part of the current contract for the recruitment process, the company offers a number of additional services in addition to finding the desired candidates for the position.

Find and hire the best talent in Poland

Having first encountered the Sowelo recruitment agency, which can offer IT Recruitment Poland service at the highest level, many people wonder why they should use the services of this particular company. Is it worth it? Does it pay off? Will it not disappoint? We confirm, it is really worth entrusting the recruitment process to Sowelo specialists. Recruiters will provide their potential clients with due diligence services free of charge, as well as diagnose processes, prepare an overall recruitment strategy, implement candidate acquisition models in the projects commissioned to the agency, as well as implement candidate assessment models.

Sowelo uses the most modern candidate-free ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to search and filter resumes by keyword. In addition to this, the Krakow-based professionals provide services for checking candidates' skills and making offers to candidates, as well as advise companies on overall optimization of recruitment processes, organization of employee files and applicable labor laws. Sowelo also offers employer brand positioning.

It is worth noting that Sowelo's activities have already been recognized and awarded many times. The agency has twice, in 2022 and 2023, been ranked among the top 1000 companies in the world. Also, it has been twice awarded the title of Business Cheetah, in 2021 and 2023. This title is awarded to companies that are growing dynamically, have a strong position in the market, and can boast a high level of confidence. Sowelo's partner is also InHunt Group, a Finnish headhunting company that brings together the best recruitment agencies from more than 30 countries.

IT Recruitment in Poland - recruit your specialists now!

Recruitment specialists in Poland - hiring process by Sowelo

Looking forward to hiring the best software developers? Top IT talents for mid to senior positions in your company will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. IT Recruitment Poland is one of the services from Sowelo's offer. In its offer you can also find Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Executive Search, Recruitment Process Assessment, Talent Market Mapping, Employer Branding and IT Contracting. Professional Polish recruiters have a deep knowledge about the powers which drive the IT/Telco, Renewable Energy, Professional Services, Finance and Banking industries. They have already delivered lots of recruitment projects and have supported their customers with lots of different roles. They are successful in innovative recruitment for computer hardware, software, communication and convergence companies, they recruit staff for the electrification and energy sector as well as professional managers and qualified staff for banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and private investment funds.

Polish software developers have been a perfect fit for western IT companies. Apart from technical expertise, they have an exceptionally good command of the English language. Poland is known for its strong technical education. It is also famous for its with focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Each year 20.000 thousand IT specialists are brought into the tech sector. If you are looking for qualified candidates, the best way to find them is via cooperation with Sowelo.

Choose IT Recruitment Poland by Sowelo

If you're looking for a recruitment company to support your business growth, don't hesitate to contact Sowelo today. You will find all contact information on the agency's website, and its specialists will be happy to answer questions about the services and products Sowelo offers. There you will also find current job openings for which headhunters are recruiting at the moment. It's also worth taking a look at the company's blog, where you'll find lots of useful tips on job searching, finding employees, the recruitment process, creating a quality resume and more.

Depending on what sector in Poland your company represents, our headhunters will recruit in Poland and in other countries for the job offers that you have at the moment. There are still lots of tech talents in the Polish tech talent pool, let us find the best candidates for your vacancies. Effective recruitment processes supported by the experienced Sowelo team is the best way to find the right candidates as soon as possible.

IT recruitment services offered by our agency have been carefully considered and are designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients. Join the ranks of the companies we recruit for and hire the best candidates soon.