Is There a Difference Between a Promo and Discount?

Is There a Difference Between a Promo and Discount?

Most consumers go about wondering what the difference really is between a promo code, often referred to as a promotional code, and a discount. Nonetheless, every customer will salivate at the site of any of those words! Other commonly used terms would include gift vouchers, coupon codes, redemption slip, token, ration slip, redeemable part and many more. Well, all these lure prospective buyers since they allow them to further stretch their dollar – they get much more for way less; and who doesn’t want that when shopping? As a matter of fact, the bigger percentage of consumers don't really care for the meaning as long as they get to enjoy the benefits.

Defining the Terms

Is There a Difference Between a Promo and Discount?

If you are in business, you might just know how discounts greatly increase your ROI. If you haven’t gotten to experience this, hopefully by the end of this article, you should be awarding your clientele exclusive discounts that’ll have them spending their pennies to the last. More often than not, people will confuse a promotional code with a coupon. A promo code is simply a collection of random numbers and letters by a computer that allows customers to redeem special discounts in-store. A coupon will serve the same purpose but it’s usually a piece of paper that you get at your local stores allowing you access to the same benefits.

A discount, on the other hand, is simply a deduction on the original price of a commodity. This can either be online or even at your local stores. They all basically refer to the same thing and serve the same purpose – to lighten the cost burden of the consumer. Promotion codes, however, are given for specific product to create hype and buzz for that product as well as increase its popularity. If for instance, a shop has been unable to finish off a particular product from its store, offering promotional codes and discounted prices will have buyers do the hard task for you.

Advantages of Promo Codes

Everyone is going online to conduct all their transactions – be it purchasing a product, making the payments, etc. Promo codes could be the tool for your business since they are flexible and can be used across different devices. It’s important to note that there is no brand loyalty nowadays with most products. Offering your shoppers a promo code could be just the thing that pulls them away from your competitor to your doorstep. It also shows you care, if only a little, about your customers’ economic well-being.

Promo codes are not only beneficial to your customer; they bring a wealth of advantages to you as the business and could help push your business to new heights. With promo codes, you are able to increase your online followers as the ones who have benefitted are sure to give word to their fellow friends. As your follower base increases, your brand grows and gains recognition and you might just secure yourself brand loyalty from a large consumer base.

Is There a Difference Between a Promo and Discount?

It doesn’t end there: use of promo codes is effective since it allows for targeted marketing. You can send promo codes to only a selected few if you should choose to to prevent bad actors from copying, reusing and tampering with the codes.

Consumers should nonetheless be extra careful when dealing with sites that offer a promo code. You first need to verify the legitimacy of the brand before you decide to take their word for it. This is because some sites only aim to acquire customer information and then use it to send out scam emails or simply manipulate user’s data. This should not deter you from trying out exclusive offers such as – you’ll be on the losing end if you miss out on such!

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