Is it safe to play Rummy Online?

Is it safe to play Rummy Online?

Rummy games are played in India for ages and people of almost every age group enjoy this game. With the introduction of technology in this game, it has found a new dimension and online rummy has very rapidly picked up the trend among youth and old age players. Rummy originated from Mexico but in reality, it is the adopted game of India.

Since the introduction of online Rummy, many dimensions have been added in this game which has lured many new players but the side effect of technology is that it can be exploited as well.

There are many concerns of players regarding its safety and legality in the eyes of the law and there have been many myths related to this also. In this article we will do a litmus test of online rummy and give our verdict on Is it safe to play Rummy online?

Is Online Rummy Legal?

There is a big debate over Legality of online gambling and betting platforms whether they come under law or not. Rummy also kind of comes in the same category and players might think that online rummy is played by finding loopholes in the constitution but reality is that it is considered completely legal by the Supreme Court.

It comes under "game of skill" not "game of chance". Online Rummy is legal in almost every country but India has different rules and luckily it is also legal in the eyes of the Indian constitution.

Is Online Rummy fair?

Rummy is a game of cards and the whole game depends on its shuffling and distribution so it is normal and obvious that how can we trust 3rd party who we can't even see do fair cards distribution. In online all these things are done automatically without any interruption of any human which tends to make the game fair.

Online Rummy portals use Random Number Generator (RNG) which is certified by every Rummy portal and apps. RNG is verified by many international bodies and is especially designed for card shuffling and leaving no doubts on players' minds.

Now a new question will arise that, since it is a software then it could be hacked and hacker could manipulate the game on his own terms. But the answer to this question is no as companies make sure that there are no loopholes from the security side and build a different firewall to just protect their RNG and system.

Different Rules on Online Rummy?

This is another basic question that do Online Rummy is played in a different way to classic style rummy. The answer to this question could be very cryptic since it depends on the platform you choose to play online rummy. Almost every online Rummy portal provides a section dedicated to their various types of rummy with the rule regarding it. Basically it means sometimes companies choose to make new rule sets for different kinds of rummy games to make it more interesting and fair.

Money Deposit and Withdrawal Transparency and security

Money is the main reason why players use online Rummy as it gives them a platform to compete against the best players and make a good amount of money. Payments and withdrawal transparency is one of the biggest concerns of every online rummy player so assured rummy platforms like (because they have instant one clicks withdrawal through Paytm/UPI) have very easy and transparent policies regarding withdrawal.

Most companies use high encryption digital payments transaction portals to ensure safety to their players but nothing can be assured 100 percent these days as hackers are very smart these days. To conclude, safety depends on the platforms you are using to play online rummy.


After doing all the research and tests on Online Rummy portals, we can say that they are safe and fair to play both in the eyes of law and safety. Although only big online rummy companies provide top most services to give complete Transparency over game and safety, there are some fake scamsters also, who you should be aware of before putting on money.