Is Far Cry 5 worth buying?

Is Far Cry 5 worth buying?

In the beginning was the Word

Released in 2018, Far Cry 5 is not a continuation of any previous part, but a completely independent world with Easter eggs for other games in the series. It retains its first-person shooter genre, but its storyline may interest players who usually refrain from the shooter genre. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Hope County, the American hinterland, is where the events of the fifth part of the series occur. This county is captured by insane cultists, whose head is Joseph Seed, better known as the Father. Many ordinary residents of Hope County have either left this place, or joined the resistance, or found themselves mad enough to become part of the insane army of cultists.

The game’s plot may seem already trivial due to the many fictional products (including television series and other computer games). But Far Cry 5 should not be judged by the story cover alone. So what other elements of this game make it worth the player’s attention?

Mods: From Fans to Fans

The unspoken rule of video games states: “if there is a game and you can make a game modification to it, then the game will receive them almost after its release.” For Best Far Cry 5 Mods, the gaming community did their best.

The player can diversify the first or the following playthrough with modifications that improve graphics, gameplay or add more firearms to the arsenal of the protagonist. Additionally, people who value visuals can find mods that add variety to the look of NPCs. Read more about the best mods in the Best Far Cry 5 Mods review from Insider.Games; in the meantime, we can say that the great open world of the game is getting even better with quality mods.

The Open World

All the secondary missions in the game can be classified in a routine task list:

  • rescue captured civilians
  • destroy sect property
  • complete tasks of residents
  • capture outposts.

But routine ceases to be routine when a player looks at the open world itself, divided into three areas. The area in the North is the kingdom of the Father’s elder brother, Jacob, who trains sectarians. In the east, the younger sister Faith is in charge of drug distribution. The West went under the possession of the youngest of the Seed family, John, whose main task is to recruit people into the cult and send them to Jacob’s training.

Each of the secondary antagonists has been worked out in such detail and with high quality that rare meetings with them please and are remembered for a long time. A player will have to capture all three areas and collect the maximum number of resisting to get to them.

The game does not choose which area to start from for the player, so one can start with what they like best. Each area will have its own main characters and tasks that a player can take from them. Such tasks are reduced to:

  • seize territory
  • return the car.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of the game in the gameplay is a rare variety of really interesting tasks. However, the open world, its regions, and antagonists compensate for this detail.

No More Towers

The towers are a headache for players who are familiar with previous Far Cry games. Part of the map could only be opened by climbing the tower and so on several dozen times. The perception can be compared to clearing portals in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - interesting at first, and then it starts to annoy.

Far Cry 5 has only one tower, which is built into the game like an Easter egg. The world itself is now opening simply and pleasantly. The local population of the area will tell a player about interesting places. A small tip: do not ignore the local NPCs; otherwise, an important detail may be lost.

Apart from towers, Far Cry 5 lacks a mini-map, allowing players to immerse themselves in authentic outdoor survival. Animal roadside signs tell a player what to watch out for.

No More Meaningless Loot from Animals

In the Far Cry series, animals have always been the main character’s indispensable enemies. Besides, from their bodies, it was possible to pick up things necessary for crafting wallets and bags for projectiles and medicines.

Not all players liked that without hunting for animals, it was impossible to advance further in the main plot or secondary tasks. In Far Cry Primal, released in 2016, this was justified by the historical period, but in other parts, it was an annoying part of the playthrough.

In Far Cry 5, hunting animals is no longer mandatory. Animals (including completely harmless turkeys) are not at all averse to hunting the main character. So, a player will still have to enter into small confrontations with them. If desired, one can avoid these clashes, and with Best Far Cry 5 Mods, one can find a modification that will give the protagonist a fluffy companion.

One Player Is Good, Two Is Even Better

Far Cry 5 offers an opportunity to play the entire game with a friend in co-op. This is the best way to play this game if the repetitive tasks start to get boring. Far Cry 5’s plot is, of course, interesting. The lawlessness that the developers came up with is captivating. But the execution of the same tasks starts to get boring after the first captured area.

Together with a friend, a player can come up with capturing bases from different angles, arrange races on various types of transport, perform stunt stunts, and do whatever the game mechanic allows doing. With this approach, one hardly pays attention even to the schematic nature of most tasks.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

The problem with Far Cry 5 is that the silent protagonist doesn’t express emotion. Thus, it is not clear why the player should worry about the kidnapped partners if the character does not care about them. However, for players who like to come up with explanations, this is the best opportunity to recreate the personality and emotional background of their hero.

If the player is looking for entertainment, if they have a faithful companion with whom they can go through the game and a list of best Far Cry 5 mods to install, welcome to Hope County, where people are already tired of waiting. You’re unlikely to find a better place to have fun anytime soon.