International Women's Day '22 - Here's what Women Leaders had to say

Deepa Param Singhal, Vice President, HCM, Oracle Asia Pacific“The dynamics of Indian workforce has changed dramatically in last few years, where almost every sector is empowering women and their work choices. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a sudden increase in debates on topics such as diversity, mental health, inclusivity, wellness, and gender equality at the workplace. Companies are taking gender diversity & mental health at workplace seriously and so as the women. In a nutshell, women are striving to be leaders in their profession and climbing the ladder steadily to reach the desired positions. They are also seeking their overall growth that goes beyond monetary gains.
According to the findings of the Oracle and Workplace Intelligence AI@work survey, 48% of women believe that having a meaningful job is more important to their success than a steady paycheck. We have also seen women taking charge of their career development goals, with 63% of women saying that having more career development opportunities makes them feel valued at work, and 54% of females saying they used the extra time over the last two years to learn new skills. Oracle is offering a Career Relaunch Program that can help women re-enter the working world and hit the ground running in a full-time position, after a career break.
Today’s women are focusing on mental, emotional, and physical well-being in addition to career development and skill enhancement, with 49% of women saying that prioritizing mental health contributes more to the meaning of success now. The findings and mentioned factors are motivating because we are now seeing women not only achieving leadership positions but also prioritizing holistic development and well-being, which will contribute to their long-term growth and health.”