India-UK Strengthen Strategic Partnership in G7 Summit Talks

India-UK Strengthen Strategic Partnership in G7 Summit Talks
Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed his commitment to bolster the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between India and the UK during the third term of the NDA government, following a bilateral meeting with British PM Rishi Sunak at the 50th G7 Summit in Italy's Apulia.
In a statement issued after their meeting, PM Modi expressed delight at meeting PM Rishi Sunak and emphasized his dedication to enhancing the India-UK relationship across various fronts. He highlighted the significant potential for deeper collaboration in sectors such as semiconductors, technology, and trade. Additionally, both leaders discussed the imperative of strengthening ties in the defense sector, underscoring their shared strategic interests.
The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) further elaborated on the agenda, noting that the leaders deliberated on advancing industrial cooperation within the defense industry and fostering greater trade and economic engagement. They also reviewed progress on the Roadmap 2030 initiative, which encompasses high-level political consultations, defense and security cooperation, trade and economic ties, technology sectors, and people-to-people exchanges.
Significantly, PM Modi and PM Sunak expressed satisfaction with the advancements in the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between India and the UK. They also engaged in discussions on regional and multilateral issues of mutual interest, aiming to strengthen bilateral cooperation on global platforms.
PM Modi extended his best wishes to the people of the UK ahead of their upcoming general elections, underscoring the importance of democratic processes in both nations. Meanwhile, PM Sunak congratulated PM Modi on securing a third term following India's recent elections, highlighting the robust democratic traditions shared by the two countries.
The UK PM's office echoed these sentiments, emphasizing their commitment to fostering security and prosperity for both nations. PM Sunak appreciated India's participation in the upcoming Ukraine Peace Summit, underscoring India's global diplomatic engagement under PM Modi's leadership.
Reflecting on their recent telephone conversation, PM Sunak previously praised India's emergence as an 'economic superpower', recognizing its pivotal role alongside other fast-growing economies like Indonesia and Nigeria in reshaping the global economic landscape.
The ongoing dialogue and exchanges between India and the UK underscore the depth of their strategic partnership, characterized by shared democratic values, economic cooperation, and a commitment to addressing global challenges together. Both leaders reiterated their optimism about the future trajectory of bilateral relations, aiming for continued growth and collaboration across diverse sectors.
As India and the UK navigate evolving geopolitical dynamics and economic opportunities, their partnership remains a cornerstone of stability and progress in an increasingly interconnected world.