India's Pointless War that Costs 50 Million Per Day

The military deployment to the Siachen Glacier, which forms the northern part of Kashmir region, disputed between Islamabad and India is the main source of tension between the nuclear-armed rivals.

The conflict over Siachen began in 1984 when India occupied the heights of the 78-kilometer long glacier, fearing Pakistan wanted to claim the territory, where Islamabad also deployed its troops. A 2003 cease-fire largely ended battles on the glacier, where troops had been deployed as high as 6,000 meters (20,000 feet), but both armies remained camped out there.

Siachen is often said to be one of the easiest to solve, but it is captive to general mistrust and hard-liners on both sides who don't want to give up their claim on territory.

Pakistan-India peace activist Tahira Abdullah said "This absolutely futile, useless fiasco has been going on since 1984," as reported by  He added "It is a one-hour job to agree on a solution, but it is now an ego problem between the two armies. Both armies should pull back from the heights. Soldiers are dying and my heart bleeds for them, but it's for nothing."